Front License Plates - Do I have to install one?

Many states require both rear and front-mounted license plates, which indeed detract from the front-end appearance of the Viper. To put it mildly. The truth is, the majority of law-enforcement officers wonít push this issue if you pass the "attitude test" upon being pulled over. Here is Washington State, I have personally approached three police officers to inquire about this. One said that since the Viper has no factory provisions for mounting a plate, itís exempt. Another said the that although the law requires it, they simply donít care. A third officer showed me the rule, which states that exemptions can be made in instances of low ground clearance (less than one foot from the edge of the plate to the pavement as well as if it interferes with the carís ability to function as intended. Hey, airflow to the oil cooler is hampered by a front plate, as well as to the radiator. And these cars run hot in the first place, right? No further questions, your honor. For hard-core cops, keeping the plate visible in the front windshield is a secondary approach.

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