I'm torn between a new Vette / NSX / Porsche or a Viper - any suggestions?

For one thing, the Viper certainly out-powers everything else on the road, so if power is your goal, the Viper in the one. (okay, the 400hp all-wheel-drive porsche is close to 105 mph). But your decision probably depends on many variables. Trust me, there is nothing short of a Ferrari F50 that will attract more attention than a Viper. But, on the other hand, the attention can get tiring, unless you enjoy talking endlessly about the car to anyone and everyone (as most owners do). Obviously you want a performance machine if your choices are narrowed down this far. The Viper is NOT about luxury. If you don't want the trade-offs associated with such a bare-bones musclecar (stiff suspension. heavy clutch, whiplash from high-G forward acceleration), you may want to consider a more "comfortable" choice like, say, the Vette. Here's one good comparison between the Viper and a Vette/911/etc. You're driving through the city, not too much traffic, so you let your foot go to half-throttle away from the light. An innocent bystander, whether it be a teenager, a 30-year old guy, or an elderly woman walking her dog, will all say the following as you pass by:

Case A, C5 Corvette: "My, what a cool car that was!"
Case B, Turbo 911: "Cool, look at that car go!"
Case C, Viper: "Holy *$#@(# !! That kicks *$*# !"

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