What's the best Hard Top to get for my roadster?

If looks and level of craftsmanship are paramount, nothing compares with Hennessey's $5k top. However, his top requires his glass side windows and the installation of solenoids for door opening. - Truly stunning! Autoform makes a very nice top that has _universal_ application along with good side windows. Northwind makes a very light carbon-fiber flat top and lockable side windows. I like their top better than the windows - a bit underfinished IMHO. Mopar sells a factory double-bubble top that will fit all models, looks nice and does a good job of sealing but it isn't as light as some of the aftermarket tops. It comes in all factory colors if I'm not mistaken. I've never had to live with any of the aforementioned products - just commenting on styling, fit and finish. Dodge made a lot of running changes to the Viper that tended to confound *ALL* the aftermarket topmakers. They'd check on a few local cars, but had some problems pleasing everyone. the MDH (MonthDayHour) sticker on the driver's door latch area should be referred to when ordering from anyone!

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