Why is the coolant temperature gauge reading so high?

Fist of all, the radiator's twin cooling fans don't turn on until the coolant is about 230 degrees. The car was designed to run hot. The owner's manual states that elevalted coolant temperatures are not a concern as long as there's no evidence of coolant loss. However, if you're gauge is in the red, you probably have air pockets within the cooling system. BURPING the air from a Viper motor is important for ALL years, but more difficult for 1992-1993. To learn how to do this, follow the post on the tech-sessions forum, but on the 92-93 there is no surge tank. Therefore, you must turn the heater selector to HOT. Then, remove the heater core supply hose clamp, since this area is the highest point in the cooling system. (The curliest short hose) Then, burp the air bubbling up out of this open hose, until it stops bubbling. Then add coolant VERY SLOWLY with a tall/skinny funnel into this same hose. To facilitate the next time you do this, you can install one of those $2 plastic prestone hose-bib flush-n-fill doohickeys at that point in the hose. Be sure to inspect the overflow bottle under RF headlight.

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