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Once and Future King

Summer, 2010.  The final Viper rolls off the Conner Avenue assembly line.  With it a celebration of Viper's spectacular run from 1992 - 2010 takes place.  But the Viper Club of America would not accept that this was the last Viper.
How could the club bring the car back?  How would it communicate the passion and opportunity for the car to Chrysler's new partner, the FIAT Corporation?  At first, petitions were a consideration.  A thousand deposits calling for a new and unseen next-generation car could be a strong incentive.  Such an undertaking was unrealistic and the club knew that.

After a fair bit of brainstorming, the idea to develop a video that would communicate the Viper passion was born.  It would demonstrate the very heart and soul of Viper.  Even Dodge marketing encouraged it, as they too were worried about the Viper's future and such a video could help cement it.  So on that day of watching the final Dodge Viper go down the assembly line, when everyone was saying their goodbyes, a few people were focused on the future.  Their day began at the plant at 6:00 am and they were the last to leave.  They turned off the lights as they left, potentially in more ways than one.

This video entitled Once and Future King would stand as a persuasive reason to bring back the Viper.  A reason to bring back the heart, the soul, and all the excitement that exists within this American supercar.  That hope of bringing back the Viper became reality: two and a half years later, there were fifth generation Vipers - now SRT Vipers - being made at Conner Avenue Assembly Plant.

The club thanks the many participants in this project, including those that didn't make the final cut created for the Chrysler board of directors.  Special thanks goes to Chris Marshall for orchestrating this amazing piece of Viper hissssssstory.

Enjoy and keep the Viper faith,

Marv Spatz, President
Viper Club of America

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