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  1. rch105
    2005 Copperhead Edition 58/300
  2. Rolf Bartels
    Rolf Bartels Doug Supercharged Vipers
    Hello Mr. Levin,
    i want to order the belt tensioner for a 2005 Viper.
  3. FrankBarba
    FrankBarba WHY U TRY
    Hi Why....When you find the Viper you want don't forget you will most likely need transport services. We are preferred
    transporters for Viper owners. Are rates are competitive. We have delivered Vipers all over the United States along with other
  4. viper k
    viper k Dylan Mashburn
    i have a 2006 vca red with white stripes 3908 miles very nice $59,000 thanks ken 412 582 0188
  5. saadeldin75
  6. Lost my beer
    Lost my beer xf_Admin
    Hello. I recently joined but it looks like I am not able to access the member forum areas. My membership number is 28507. Thx
  7. Russ Oasis
    Russ Oasis Glenn G
    I am also interested in your car. Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 305 667-6800. I'm the Nurburgring guy.
    Russ Oasis
  8. broomrider
    Granger, don’t give yourself credit you don’t deserve.
  9. GRANGER73
    GRANGER73 broomrider
    Did I hurt Broomy's feelings? I hope so!
  10. Tomball Dodge
    Tomball Dodge Glenn G
    Glenn I am also interested in your 92, please call me 281-865-1683.
  11. FrankBarba
    FrankBarba Glenn G
    Hi Glenn.....Interested in your 92. Frank Barba 717 648 5651
  12. TheFangedOne
    How important is it to put the original engine back in the car?
  13. TheFangedOne
    Hello I have a 97 GTS. Original engine blew valve into piston. Had engine rebuilt and balanced by reputable racing shop.
  14. TheFangedOne
    Hello, how important is a numbers matching engine in 97 GTS?
  15. GRANGER73
  16. GRANGER73
  17. ViperJeff
    Updating The Viper Registry
    1. JerryManka
      Hi Jeff,
      I saw a post where your said the last ACR was #804, you wouldn't happen to know the vin for the 1st ACR would you? I have #500050. Thanks!
      Jan 8, 2018
    2. ViperJeff
      #1, 006 Based on MDH 062813

      I have yours at #22 MDH 080411

      I show 500050 52nd down the line based on MDH
      Jan 8, 2018
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    3. JerryManka
      Thank you!
      Jan 15, 2018
  18. blazeman
    Still have my 05 Viper all is well
  19. clas asp
    clas asp Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper: What was the fix on your problem with instrument panel lights and tail lights? I have the same problem on my 1994. I have not found the fuses yet. Under the passenger side carpeting I removed a cover on the floor and found wiring connectors but I did not find fuses. I will appreciate your advice. Larry 703-830-2353
  20. ViperCeeJ
    Please do not post "for sale" ads in the forums area. It is against Forums policy. We have a Classified section for that. Ads for non VCA members are $30 for a 90 day ad.
    Thank you for your adherence to our website guidelines.
  21. fhrzr1
    fhrzr1 SilveRT8
    I saw a picture of your Black Viper with the rear Spoiler. You called it a Hennessy lip spoiler.
    Can you tell me where you bought the spoiler.

    Thank you,

  22. Surfer
    Surfer 2001-V10 Power Nut
    Hey, about to pick up my 02 bumblebee next Friday. I live in Melbourne Beach. Would love to meet up with your group. Info would help. Thanks, Mario.
  23. broomrider
    Really? !!!! You are going to ask me to be nice? After the crap that's been pulled. He is not a nice person CJ.
  24. marauderprime
    Viper water leaks
  25. Ozzy
    Ozzy gripforceSRT10
    Hello. My name is Ozzy. I have the same viper and the same color. Where can I purchase vert rear spoiler lid just like yours?
  26. ViperCeeJ
    ViperCeeJ broomrider
    Please be nice. Granger was with VCA for a long time and does care about this club.
    He is not banned and is being monitored closely. Lately, all of his comments have been positive ones, and some have been helpful to others.
  27. longbal1
    Fellow snakes! I have been looking at Zendex wheel dollies.However they are made to move your snake but not to leave on wheels for
    storage. Does anyone know if any company makes one no electrical, no hydraulics. And your leave lifted for storage.:2tu:
  28. zoomie
    trying to find
    01sapphirebob info to contact him.

  29. realspeedrcr
    Hi, I'm a cash buyer looking to purchase a 4th gen Viper Convertible / low miles (under 15k) / will consider most colors / bone stock or some reversible mods. Prefer to purchase from an individual and not a dealer. Please send me a message if you have info. Stan
  30. JAXX
    JAXX Viperless
    I've read where you ran E85 on your Roe setup. I'm doing the same now. Can you give me a few details? Fuel system and power levels? You can email if you want.
    [email protected]