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Discussion in 'New Owner Questions' started by Dale.Volz, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Dale.Volz

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Gilbert, Arizona
    I'd like to compete with one of my snakes in some autocross events, but I learned that both my collector car insurance carrier (Grundy) and regular carrier (Allstate) exclude coverage - and most importantly liability coverage - for any speed/timed/competitive event. Where does one get liability insurance to run an autocross or at the track?

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    Jun 29, 2007
    are they taking your time on the track events you are going? Some HPD and HPCC's do not time for that very reason...
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    Contact ACRSTEVE on here. He owns an insurance company and has recently started a division just for car events. I think it was a few hundred dollars for the day if I recall but PM him and he will be able to tell you for sure.
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    I've read many posts here on the VCA forums and have omly heard people mentioning carriers that would cover damage for specific events; but, no one has mentioned a carrier that would cover liability.
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    Oct 26, 2007
    autocross insurance? is this a joke?
    just to be clear, we're talking about racing in an open parkinglot or airstrip with rubber cones right?

    ive been going to autocrosses the past 5 years and have never heard anything remotely close to the word Insurance from anyone...
    Dont believe me? Go to an autocross event and pick anyone. Anyone! and ask them if they have insurance to race at the event. They will laugh in your face.:rolaugh:

    Now on to Track insurance, some people do that However, i assume the the majority of our viper owners attending VCA track days are not holding insurance. VCA events are Very safe.

    Bottom line. You have nothing to worry about(unless you are very old, have health issues, or are extreamely lacking motor skills).
    Just get out there and have fun! :drive:
  6. SmokinViperGTS

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    Having done a fair amount of research on this earlier this year, I can offer three perspectives that might help clarify things for you.....

    1. If you are doing a high-speed event, like High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE), go use the link for On-Track that Venomiss posted earlier in this thread, or alternately, use this one from Lockton Affinity HPDE Insurance Program . While these are Damage policies, and not Liability, I have personally used Lockton for track events with Corvettes, Porsches, etc. and I think that you'll find their coverage to be good, and reasonably priced, given how difficult it is to find these days. I know that in the case of Lockton, it was created by track-rats, for track-rats. One hitch is that they don't cover all events - it's on a event-by-event basis, with the event sponsors pre-qualifying through a process with Lockton to show that they run responsible events.

    2. If you are doing an auto-cross event however, Lockton will not cover you (and I'm not sure about On-Track). This is because it is timed, which is one widely accepted definition of racing (which is taboo in insurance circles). However, most auto-cross events have a fun-class, which is by definition not formal or sponsored racing, so you may have some luck with your insurance company with this approach. On the up-side, auto-cross is much, much lower risk than HPDE, so most folks don't bother with insurance. However, having said that, I have heard stories about parked cars being wiped out at auto-cross events because some numbskull went WFO off the course.....

    3. If your VCA club is sponsoring the HPDE or auto-cross event, then they need to get Liability insurance to cover the club for the event, and that is available through national. They have an arrangement with K&K, I believe.

    So, the bottom-line is that you probably won't find Liability coverage for auto-cross. But, do you really need it?

    Hope that helps! :burnout:
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