Complete Set of Sidewinder II Wheels in Matte Black

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    Feb 8, 2011
    I have a complete set of Sidewinder II ultra-light wheels in Matte Black for sale. Includes (2) 18" x 10.5" and (2) 19" x 13" wheels. These were installed in January 2017 and removed last month from service. No curb rash or defects. Includes 24 black fluted lug nuts with installation socket, all TPMS installed, and machined aluminum center caps with 3-screw retainers. These each weigh 5 pounds less than a Venom wheel.

    Check out photos and contact for more info. These are original SRT rims made in Japan.

    $3,500 shipped to continental US destination via UPS Ground in MoPar boxes.



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