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    I went a couple weeks ago with a friend. We are both thinking of interesting street cars, so we wanted to drive stuff.

    I had low expectations of what we would get to do.

    I had lower expectations when the chief instructor started giving his talk. Dave Roberts. He had been an instructor at Spring Mountain, known as Bad Dave. The head instructor was a nice guy known as nice Dave. At Spring Mountain I pulled up in my Viper and Bad Dave said "We had an all Viper event here and someone knocked over the cornering cone. I put it back in the wrong place so I could watch all the Viper drivers screw up."

    He handed off the talk to a nice guy who did a good presentation on the basics of taking a corner, and paddle shifters, which were new to me.

    If you click below you will see their prices. The first car is at full price, the 2nd, 3rd etc. are $50 less. They had 2 deals when we got there, a further $50 of the Cayman and the R8 V10. My buddy took the Cayman, I took the R8.

    Exotic car driving experience

    They took us out in a Cayenne for 2 laps to learn the track. It had been a parking lot outside the Las Vegas Speedway, but they have a built an OK track, and even put in small amounts of elevation, maybe 10 feet in places, and one slightly banked turn.

    I started in the R8. The cars are in great shape. They buy them new, and only keep them 6 months. There were no controls added on the instructor's side.

    The instructors were great. They gave continuous instruction to get you going faster. You could drive the cars full out, as long as you didn't do anything stupid. There was controlled passing, but there was usually only 2 cars out, well spaced.

    The R8 had good power, but was kind of mushy, imprecise. I went to the Porsche Turbo. Better power, far more precise. GT3. A bit less power, even more precise.

    They allowed happy squealing tires throughout the turns. They timed all the laps and gave you your best time from each car at the end.

    Ferrari 458. Loud. Nice loud. Great power, very precise. Things happened quickly in it. A superb car. It is a shame it is an expensive car for wear and tear on a track, and most of them are owned as look at me driveway jewelery.

    They have 50 cars. Half are being driven, half being serviced. The GTR is probably the most frequently driven.

    My friend drove the Cayman, the Mercedes SLS, the Turbo and the 458. He's thinking SLS or Turbo. The SLS was quite good, but he's 6' 3" and didn't fit well. The SLS drives well, and has great torque out of the corners according to him and the instructors.

    My friend will probably buy a slighty used Turbo. I was thinking of a Turbo for a new experience, but this reminded me that I far prefer driving on a track than a street, and I drive too fast on a street when I have a fast car.

    For the track, I would still prefer a newer Viper than any of these. A stick is harder, and the Viper is harder to get good results. I like a car that you have to earn your good time. The Viper, well driven, should beat any of these.

    A race car is still a race car. I let Randy B. drive my Panoz at Buttonwillow 4 weeks ago. First turn, he understood. There are no bushings in the steering, just bearings. It is that much more precise.

    A street car converted to a track car is like a sex change. It may look OK, but it still doesn't perform right.

    The Exotics Racing experience is excellent. They really let you drive the cars hard, and they were great near new examples of the cars. I spent $1,050 and felt I got great value. I have experienced these cars as fully as possible, and know them now.

    Before we went there we toured the Shelby museum and factory just south of the strip. After we went to Pole Position indoor Karting near the Palms. Then we went to the car museum/showroom at the Linq(the old Imperial Palace). Then a bromantic [​IMG] dinner at Todd English balcony at the Bellagio right on the fountains.
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