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    We've recently conducted a vote among the membership to allow for "Legacy Members". The original email was this:

    "Viper Nation
    During our meetings over this weekend, an interesting idea came up that wewould like to get member input.
    Everyone in the club knows someone that is in a "transitionalphase"; they were an active Viper Owner, member, etc. but sold their carfor whatever reason, but still want to "hang-out" with the coolestcar guys on the planet. In many instances, when these guys come to our events,they buy a Viper (or other SRT product) almost immediately. Each of thePresidents in our meetings have several of these.
    Keep in mind, this is built out of a desire to foster a Viper enthusiastenvironment, we would like to be inclusive, and above all, help SRT sell morecars, and this does that. We fully realize that naysayers will say we are"desperate" for membership, but in fact, we have made a commitment toChrysler to be more inclusive, and we feel this does this. Moreover, we havesome VERY active enthusiasts, that were members, plan to be members and we thinkit IS elitist that we have to call them "enthusiasts" now.
    The question is: Do we allow former members to become members as a"Legacy member". This would carry all the rights as a member. Therequirement would be that they have been a member and owner in the past (andagain the hope they would be again). You may cast your vote online at ...

    This is your club, we will do what the membership wants..."

    This was later amended to be "renew your membership with 1 year of grace period after disposing of your Viper".

    This initiative was approved by 80% of the votes, so we will work on implementing this. So those of you who were a member, who wrecked/sold/etc. your car, can join if you so wish. Obviously there are some technical/procedural changes that go along with this, so stay tuned.

    Thanks to the members who voted, your input is very valuable...
  2. Paul Hawker

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    Oct 1, 2000
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    Good call.
  3. GRANGER73

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    Dec 26, 2007
    About time. Right thing to do!
  4. Mopar Steve

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    Oct 27, 2000
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    There should still be an advantage to be an "Owning Member" For example only Owning members can vote, or, legacy members could not vote.

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