Looking for some gudiance regarding a viper with a rebuilt title

Discussion in 'RT/10 and GTS Discussions' started by Kevin Stitely, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Kevin Stitely

    Kevin Stitely Enthusiast

    Mar 17, 2002
    Huntingtown, MD USA
    This is my first post. I'm currently in
    the market for a viper rt/10, perferably, a
    97-98 (I live in the east and need real

    A 99 viper with a rebuilt title is on the
    radar screen. The owner bought the
    car from an insurance salvage auction.

    The story goes like this; the original owner
    lost control of the car and ran it off the road
    creating some damage. The insurance company paid
    off the owner and subsequently sold the car at auction.

    The current owner describes the damage as
    somewhat minor. All damages have been repaired
    (i.e., cracked windsheild, repaint front bumper and
    hood, and replaced rear view mirror).

    I had the local dodge dealer check
    out the car for piece of mind. Results
    indicated the car is clean.

    The warranty has been voided and the title
    is now labeled as "rebuilt".

    I have no experience with a buying car
    that has a rebuilt title.

    What am I getting myself in for? Any surprises!
    Can I purchase a warranty on a car that
    has a rebuilt title?
    What about re-sale in the future?

    Any and all advise would be appreciated!

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  2. Viper Specialty

    Viper Specialty Viper Owner

    Feb 14, 2002
    Buffalo NY, USA
    This car is a 99 or 00 Silver RT/10 isnt it? I talked to the guy with that car. From my experience, you should not have any problems titling the car since it is ALREADY deemed rebuilt. if it was salvage titled, rebuilt, but NOT deemed rebuilt yet, you could run into problems because the states require an "inspection" to look for stolen parts, and those are a pain and can take some time to do. In NY state, I have heard these inspections are backed up for 4 months. As far as titling, you should be OK with this car if you do buy it.

    BUT, since it HAS been damaged, I strongly suggest you see the car first hand, inspect it yourself, and take it to 1 or more inspectors and have them look it over to see if it was done right. also, it wouldnt hurt to have someone put it on an alignment machine to make sure there wasnt any frame damage. (if it's off a little, it's no biggie as it may have just moved one of the alignment bolts and it can be moved back. But, you should watch for any alignment measurements that cant be compensated for, as that means there is actual damage.
  3. ggc

    ggc Viper Owner

    Nov 18, 2001
    Cleveland, OH, USA
    A "rebuilt" car, even if perfect in other respects, will always have a lower resale value than a comparable car with a clean title. The rebuilt title will show up in any CARFAX report and I believe the void-warranty status would show up in the Dodge system (but I'm not sure about that part). It will be more difficult to resell.

    There may be some companies which would write a warranty on a car with a rebuilt title, but I believe the Daimler-Chrysler warranty excludes such cars.

    I think it all comes down to having the car carefully checked over by a very good tech, getting a price which is substantially below market ($3K to $5K?) and how you feel about the car.

    My decision would be to pay a little more and not have this issue. You could also look at a nice '97 or '98. Good luck.
  4. dansauto

    dansauto Viper Owner

    Nov 30, 2001
    gillett, pa, usa
    s a "rebuilder" my experance is that a rebuilt car is worth about wholesale when done (if it looks good) Exotics can be real hard to value depending on the market and history of the car. If you can look at the insurance report and find out who did the work (maybe see photos of damage) that really helps the resale. I take photos and document everything to reassure my customers. I have seen some real nice rebuilt vipers on this site and would not be afraid of them. Just rember if you move to another state you may have trouble titling the car. The fedral goverment is not imposing any state wide legislation and each state has differant requirments regarding salvage/rebuilt titles. Yes-NY is over 4 months behind!!
  5. Bill Pemberton Woodhouse

    Bill Pemberton Woodhouse VCA Member - West

    Jul 25, 2000
    A rebuilt Viper will be substantially lower for resale purposes and an extended warranty will not be available thru any company. Many banks will not even finance a rebuilt/salvage car, so keep this in mind also. There are so many Vipers that have not had this type of situation occur, so you are much better off paying a little more, as you will be way ahead in the long run. Obviously, if the car is extremely cheap or if you plan on using it for just a track car, it would merit some review.

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