Low Profile and Being Seen

Discussion in 'General Viper Discussion' started by RoadiJeff, May 4, 2007.

  1. RoadiJeff

    RoadiJeff Viper Owner

    Jun 25, 2006
    Wildwood, MO
    There are rare occasions when I park the Viper in a parking lot and go into a store for a few minutes. Of course, I always park FAR away from any other vehicle and away from high traffic areas. It still makes my heart skip a beat or two when I walk out and I don't see my car right away where I think I left it. It is due to the low profile. I've read about some others on here who've done the same thing.

    On the occasion that I drive my other car to work instead of pedaling there's a certain side street with a guardrail and some shrubs that I have to pull out of. It's hard enough to see any traffic on the main road sitting up higher in that car. With the Viper I'd almost have to step out and look.

    This low profile thing got me wondering. Do any of you have any increased problems with people pulling out in front of you, etc., when you're driving your Viper than some other vehicle because they don't see you right away?
  2. mad0953

    mad0953 Viper Owner

    May 20, 2006
    Southern Oregon
    So far I don't have that issue with the Viper. I only drive it to work on Fridays, my boss is gone on Fridays and I get to use her space that I can see from my window. I do however have that issue in a big way in my other car.....a Miata. It's a "I'm going to pull out in front of you" magnet!!!! I lose it in parking lots. Especially around here with all the red necks in their lifted 4 X 4's.:cool:
  3. snakebitdave

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    Jan 26, 2003
    Mi, USA
    I was stopped at a traffic light and in the right hand lane preparing to turn right on red. A pick-up was stopped and in the left lane next to me when he changed his mind and decided to turn right as well. He nearly took the front left of my car off. Never saw me. Talk about a frantic search for the horn that I rarely use!!

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