possible changes in 2015 and or 2016 viper

Discussion in 'New Owner Questions' started by tsexton, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. tsexton

    tsexton Viper Owner

    Jan 16, 2014
    i currently have a 1996 viper,ordered a 2014 viper that when it came in they had the wrong color configuration so they will have to start over. the question i have is im hearing of possible upgrades,improvements beyond the 2014 year. dont wont to pay out this kind of money for 2014 only to have updgrades following year or 2. anyone hearing of changes to confirm
  2. Nine Ball

    Nine Ball Enthusiast

    Aug 30, 2007
    Houston, TX
    I haven't heard of anything changing. Just the GT package becoming available as an in-between for the SRT and GTS. If sales continue at this slow of a pace, I'd be surprised to see a 2015 Viper, period.
  3. Paul Hawker

    Paul Hawker Viper Owner

    Oct 1, 2000
    San Diego, Calif, USA
    Believe the Viper team is continuing to go over the car to add improvements. Their are often items that they did not have time to finalize in time for the launch, and as these get finished up, they will most likely add them to each model year.

    More high end colors are on their way, tires are being released as they become available. Tweaking of the suspension and aero are likely to be coming up. Little things like additional seat lowering have already been evident.

    They added the rear camera on all cars due to federal regulations, and I would expect them to keep tweaking the electronics for drivability and performance.

    Believe it is a never ending journey to keep waiting until the next goodie is announced to order your car. Viper is steadily evolving. Best solution is to buy the car that is available when you want a car. Then watch as the new enhancements are released every model year. Then, several years down the road you can decide if it is worth trading in your Viper to get all the improvements.

    Most expected an ACR would be worth waiting for, however SRT threw us a curve with the more potent track packs and T/A models. Would expect to see even more specialized packages coming out from time to time as engineering catches up with marketing.

    Of course many are looking forward to ordering a Convertible when it becomes available..Then waiting for one with ACR type aero, then with adjustable suspension, then with a solid hard top.

    Then of course the anticipated Twin Turbo or Supercharged version...

    If you keep waiting till the car is finished improving, you will be waiting forever.
  4. PDCjonny

    PDCjonny Enthusiast

    Nov 2, 2004
    Sometimes waiting can be advantageous.
    Considering they are selling new GTS's at 30K off sticker.
  5. Nsane1

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    Nov 8, 2000
    Dallas, TX US
    Ahhh, the waiting game. I had this brief discussion with myself every car I have purchased. If I would have waited on the 08, I could have got an ACR... etc.

    Paul said best, cars, computers, cameras, phones if you wait for the neatest feature, you'll be on the sidelines forever. In this particular case, there may be no future version, and the old ones go up in value...

    Case in point. I waited OVER for 2 years for a Gen 5 in a color that was worth a crap (IMO). It almost cost me my marriage (wife's turn for a cool car), and finally when they announced the 2014 colors that were not satisfactorily wild (save for the T/A, and she wanted a GTS), we said screw it, and went another direction.

    We LOVE the other direction, but still we don't see a color that we would buy (LOVE stryker green, but have SSG, and the wife wouldn't want 2 green). So we would still be waiting...

    Anyway, do what you want, of course, you gotta live with it! :)

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