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    Jul 19, 2000
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    Posting Policy:

    1. All posts must conform to a standard that is acceptable in content to Prime Time Broadcast Network TV (<A Href="">TVPG</A> ), no nudity, pornography or profanity). Posts not maintaining this standard will be deleted.
    2. Personal assaults, threats, use of copyrighted material, fraudulent statements, or comments derogatory to any ethnicity or orientation will be deleted.
    3. Negative statements about vendors, customers, or others must be first hand, and substantiated. Furthermore, we reserve the right to hold negative posts until substantiated, and to give the parties reasonable time to work it out.
    4. Attempts at thread hijacking (malicious posting in a fashion to a topic, with intent to change the initial focus) will be deleted.
    5. Redundancy, bumping a topic to bring its' position to the top of the forum, or multiple new threads that are intended with purpose to annoy will be deleted.
    6. Classified ad posts to the forums will be deleted. Non-Viper Commercial posts will be deleted with the exception of approved commercial posts by site sponsors. Please note that classified ads, in our classifieds area are free to VCA members.
    7. Links, or specific descriptive mention (by declaring their name, even if it is not an exact link) of web sites that do not meet the policies set fourth in our existing policy guidelines, or that use licensed or copywrited material without permission is prohibited
    8. Any suggestions, ideas, or discussions on web site policy must be posted to the appropriate (web site suggestions) topic area. We welcome your input.

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