Smokey Dyno in akron, ohio

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  1. Zagzoo71

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    Jun 16, 2014
    Has anyone in the northeast ohio area used smokey dyno? I was talking to them about some dyno pulls to send to roe for a sct tuner. They said they have tuned vipers with the sct. Looking for anyone who has had their viper done their for input if it was good, bad, or issues? They gave me a price for 3 dyno pulls and write a tune for the SCT programmer for my viper. Just trying to figure out if they are ok to use?


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  2. Jack B

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    Nov 5, 2000
    NE Ohio
    If they have used SCT previously it is pretty simple. It is far better to pull/tune and pull again, then send out for a tune and not know where the tune landed. SCT is straight forward, however, it is not an exact tool, you adjust the a/f by altering the injector pulse width and it is not always linear, therefore, you usually end up getting it right with multiple adjustments/tunes.

  3. NI-KA

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    Frank I have had my car dyno'd there a few years ago which they then also updated the tune for.

    Subsequently I have been to their new shop for a dyno day (this last summer) to check a recent engine build.
    I know of one other local viper owner (black ACR) that had them tune his GEN 2 as well.

    Happy tuning and keep us posted on the results.

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