Sold my R8 bought a Gen 1 , love it but have a few questions

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  1. TrexRhymes

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    Jul 27, 2018
    I recently sold my audi r8 and was looking for a fun replacement . I ended up picking a gen 1 up and now have a few questions.

    - Im missing my top side windows and rear windows. Is the soft top even worth tracking down? From research I have seen the autoform setup would probably be best. Is that true? and also if anyone has personal experience or one for sale reach out

    - I purchased it with some aftermarket seats , I plan to replace them has anyone installed fixed back seats in there gen 1's ? If so how is your overall cabin feel and any pictures . Im a shorter guy so not to worried about the height but mainly seat position in reference to the wheel and pedals for track days. Also has anyone installed race harnesses with aftermarket seats ? If so what was your method ?

    - Im on stock ride height , is it worth coilovers , or should i just go lowering springs ? Also what is the recommended drop to not bottom out on speed bumps and driveways?

    - Exhaust is stock I believe , what has been the best setup for you other gen 1 owners ? I even thought about gutting the stock cats rather then replacing with a aftermarket system im not sold on yet

    - Hydro Handbrake , has anyone done this ? If so please reach out would love to get my gen 1 setup with a hydro

    -Steering angle , has anyone slide there viper enough to need to modify the stock angle? If so reach out please

    -Are there any good shops in south florida that work with vipers a lot ? Im in the miami/fort lauderdale area .

    thanks in advance guys ! happy to be a gen 1 owner , I can never forget the iconic style of the gen 1 . Any other points I should consider let me know , keep those tires SMOKING !


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  2. Titan1969

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    Sep 4, 2011
  3. Bonkers

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    Feb 26, 2002
    DelaWhere? USA
    There have been at least three on my NoV Lists - hard to find,
    yes, but not impossible. I havent seen any on my new list though,
    but they do seem to come up on occasion.

    Viper pedals are adjustable so your lower half is the most adjustable
    part of the cab. Tall people (like me) tend to rub their heads on the
    roof which requires a seat lowering kit. Im not 100% on Gen1s, but
    I know all Gen2s have built in 5pnt harness mounts to the frame. You
    can buy an eye loop kit from JonB cheap which makes 5pnt harnesses
    a snap to put in with a little modification.

    I know Roe is down that way somewhere, but I dont know if his shop
    works on vipers. At the very least he can probably point you at a
    local tech to help out.

    Welcome to the addiction - have fun and be safe!
  4. matt dillon

    matt dillon Viper Owner

    Jul 6, 2015
    Congrats & Welcome!
  5. steve e

    steve e Viper Owner

    Oct 23, 1995
    Nice car, gutting the cats is a pain, easier to cut them out put a SS pipe where the cat was, no check engine light to worry about there is no rear O2 sensor , stock mufflers suck, replace those to with something you like,Flowmasters, Borla , ect. Once you do that the car runs so much cooler and sounds Awesome and more HP to the wheels.
  6. TonyBelmont

    TonyBelmont Enthusiast

    Aug 6, 2018

    Nice going, If your interested I have a complete uncut set from flex pipe to exhaust tips that you can mod and keep your original in tact - let me know if interested

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