Tire sensor monitor repair

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  1. MarkRx

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    Anyone know how much of a pain/cost this is to repair?

    Im looking at an 04 and the tire sensor light it on, but the air is fine in all 4. The guy selling it says its a faulty monitor and the warning goes off after a few minutes of driving. Granted, not a big deal, but I think it would kind of annoy me. The car has aftermarket wheels and I suspect when they were mounting the tires they damaged it. My buddy has an 07 vette and needed the tire replaced and they broke the sensor and he had to shell out a couple hundred to have it repaired.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. MikeR

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    Jul 10, 2006
    Can you see the sensors to know for sure that they actually have them in? I have sensors in my wheels, but there mounted inside, so you dont actually see them. And the tire chime is annoying, I drove for 2 days with my stcok wheels without the sensors in. It bugged me, it would chime for about 5 minutes, then sometimes go off and come back on a few minutes later. Even the radio wasnt enough to supress it.

    Also, I dont know how hard it is to determine what sensor is bad, but first you have to figure that out then get it replaced and I believe only the dealer can reprogram the new sensor.
  3. Viper Specialty

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    Likely has a dead wheel sensor battery or bad sensor somewhere. They are about 50-60 bucks per sensor last I checked, plus the mount/dismount fees. Replace in sets of 4.
  4. Chuck 98 RT/10

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    Proven trouble-free tech. Somebody tell Congress.

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    Discount Tire rebuilds them for $9.95 each. I was in getting new tires and got the sales pitch that this needs to be done every time new tires are installed :rolleyes:

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  6. Paul S Lacey

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    Had the same problem on my 04 and it was a duff sensor, you can tell if they have low pressure senders as the tire valve will have a nut that looks aluminium as will the stem.

    Even if you change the sensor you appear to still require a Dealer or a DRB as each wheel sensor is on a different numbering system and the ECU needs to be told which sensor relates to which tire.

    In my case I had changed the sensor but the ECU needed telling to look out for the new valve unit.

    BTW it also takes several miles or minutes for the system to detect a re-educated valve so the light will still not go out instantly even with the DRB as the wheel needs to rotate at over 30mph before the tire is recognised as good.

    Mine was a PITA and it took me a long time to understand the system.

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