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    Jan 14, 2014
    After a year of being part of the viper community, I'd like to take a moment to thank 2 guys that I have helped me out along the way. Tom (Tom, F&L GoR) and JonB (JonB). These 2 had lend a helping hand when ever I needed it and gone out of their way even at their own expense at times.

    Tom - I was having issues with a e-brake light staying on, Tom reached out and said he had a 1999 Manual that he could send. I thought great how much? Tom being a the good guy he is sent it over no charge. This book is massive and is filled with all sorts of diagrams and illustrations. It's wasn't cheap to ship and its not necessarily cheap to buy either. Never the less Tom being the good guy he is, sent it anyway. He doesn't know me from Adam and asked for nothing in return. I'll get lots of use out of this for many years to come and will never forget that a person I had never meet or even talk for that matter - sent it over anyway. Thanks Tom!

    JonB - I've got to know JonB early this year, we talked on the phone a few times and his knowledge of Vipers, cars and racing in general is really astounding.. He understood my goals and not only knew what could help but explained how, I think taking the time to explain things is a testament that Jon not only knows his stuff but he cares that you do too. Later this year I mentioned I was interested in shortening my clutch throw. Jon without hesitation said he had what I needed and that he had already sent it my way, no charge. I wish I took a picture of this thing before installing it but it's a nice looking piece, easy install, and I'm very grateful to now have it. Thanks JonB!

    It's guys like the 2 of them that make this community great - I hope pay it forward and be part of the greatness. Thanks again guys

    - Jamo

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