Viper dyno day......may 19th

Discussion in 'VCA Viper Events and Gatherings' started by VJR3, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Aug 5, 2010
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    Hey Ohio VCA Club,

    Just want to throw a thread out to start a buzz for our Dyno Day at Backstreet Performance. I have been talking to the owner and they are very excited to be hosting this event for us. I told him that the members in the VCA, in specific the Ohio region is very active and should have a great turn out.
    I just dropped of my Viper to them last night for a full track alignment and a dyno tune with my SCT. This was my second trip to them, I used them last year for an alignment as well. They have Dave P's ACR-X up there, nice nice nice :D They have a portable dyno, the ramps sit low enough to get our snakes up there, if that was a concern of anyone. Nice facility and great guys that work there, should be a great day if the weather holds out :drive:

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