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Congrats on owning a Viper! If you think you have some power now, join the Viper Club of America and supercharge your ownership experience! Here is what one member said recently, "Dodge and the VCA make owning a Viper an unprecedented ownership experience." Why is that? Because VCA members are a family worldwide enjoying all the great benefits the club has to offer. And joining couldn't be any easier.

And once you’re in, it’s almost like belonging to two clubs - your regional club for local cruises, shows and gatherings, and the national club that hosts some great owner experiences. But, even if you never attend a single event, you will receive plenty of great benefits such as:

Viper Club of America Standard Member Benefits....... $115.00 US

  • Hard copies of VIPER Magazine, the full-color magazine for Dodge Viper Owners and Enthusiasts and official publication of the VCA, mailed right to your door
  • Your annual, collectable membership Patch
  • An annual membership badge for you and another member of your family/household
  • $1,000,000 of liability insurance when attending VCA-sponsored social events
  • Eligibility to participate in VCA raffles, featuring some spectacular Vipers and other great prizes
  • Discounts from supporting vendors
  • Special membership only access, recognition, and posting benefits on the Viper Club website Forums page
  • Assistance with membership benefits. Please call 1-800-677-4321 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm CST)
  • Updates on the very latest news from FCA/Dodge

Viper Club of America Venom Member Benefits......$150.00 US

  • Receive EVERYTHING a Standard Membership provides PLUS
  • A Venom Membership Avatar on Viper Club of America's website.
  • Discounted rates on raffle tickets
  • Special pricing and/or benefits for the biennial Viper Owner Invitational
  • Venom Member recognition on your badge
  • Discounts for advertising your own business through VCA and/or Viper Magazine

Viper Club of America E-Member.......$75.00 US

  • You will receive the same benefits of the Standard Membership above, except you will NOT receive a printed copy of the Viper Magazine. You will receive a digital copy via email.

So what are you waiting for? Use the form below to start your Viper Club of America membership experience! Please note that your Viper VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is required to join!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and checks. All membership requests are final (no refunds) and are not tax deductible. Want to talk to a live person? No problem! Please contact Viper Club of America support at 800-677-4321. Prefer to use a mail in form instead of filling out your information online? If so, click here to download the application.

Have you been a member in the past, and need to renew your membership? Then click here to access the members area!

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(USA and Canada members only, International Viper owners please contact regional presidents in order to join.