VOI 12 Collectible Coin Set and Custom Case

This was the biggest surprise of the event when it came to merchandise, with people begging for more for their friends and relatives.  Strictly controlled to provide only one set per person, it started with a beautiful presentation box that was given out at the beginning of the scenic cruise.  It features a fine black exterior in a protective sleeve for shipping, with a magnetic clasp and red velvet interior.  The VOI 12 logo is on the inside of the lid and the entire set measures approximately 7" x 9".

At the first stop you received a "bronze" medal with Sneaky Pete (1992-2002 Viper logo), at the next stop a "silver" medal with Fangs (2003-2010 Viper logo), and at the final stop the "gold" medal with Stryker (2013-20?? Viper logo).  Each coin is bigger than a US silver dollar (1.75") and much heavier too.  Besides the Viper logo, each also has a hightly detailed VOI 12 logo on the reverse along with the event dates.  Coin collectors will be shocked at the level of quality and detail each of these coins offers. 

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Price: $25.00