VOI 12 Offical Gumball Machine Sunday Centerpiece

It was a madhouse - that's the only way to describe the excitement about this incredible centerpiece when it made its debut at VOI 12 in Charlotte that Sunday night.  People were begging, pleading, and even arguing over who would take home one of these beauties.  Event organizers didn't even finish their salads before people started lining up to ask about purchasing the extras.  By the end of the dinner every last one of them was gone.

HOWEVER, through a very special arrangement with the manufacturer, Beaver Vending out of Canada, we were able to do one more run for the website.  These are commercial-grade and fully functioning metal and glass vending units, not cheap plastic toys.  They include a coin mechanism set up for US quarters (great for car wash money) with lock and keys.  

NOTE: Due to shipping weights and glass dome they do not include gumballs.   We are told it is better (and easier) to buy fresh gumballs from a local vendor near you.

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Price: $125.00