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  1. ck965
    1999 Viper RT/10 RT Rocker panel for sale like new. Contact me if interested
  2. Viperrick
    1993 RT-10 Red - Original Owner
  3. JayLFrye
    JayLFrye Bonkers
    I saw this in one of your posts;
    The power port under the hood is much easier to access, but
    you need to be VERY careful about removing it. I am trying to get this nut loose to connect a battery tender. As you observed any amount of pressure moves the whole post. Any suggestions on how to remove the nut without causing damage? Thanks. Yes, I am a newbie
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    2. Bonkers
      I removed mine to install a battery tender without knowing the risk. Basically i took the biggest breaker bar i had, added a pipe to the end, and slowly twisted it off - from what i know now i was VERY lucky. If you must remove it, youre best bet is to get a buddy to stabilize the housing and just brute force it as smoothly/gently as possible - any jarring or impact can break the bolt off at the base.
      Dec 11, 2018
    3. Bonkers
      Good luck, let me know if i can be of any more help.
      Dec 11, 2018
    4. JayLFrye
      OK. It is a Gen2 and you are correct that I was going to hook a battery tender to the post. My luck isn't so good so I think I will find a way to run it from the battery. Thanks for your prompt reply
      Dec 12, 2018
  4. Lalmeida617
    Lalmeida617 RI-Viper
    RI I can’t figure out how to PM on this forum. [email protected] is my email. I am a fellow viper owner in Westport Ma. There are not many of us around. Shoot me an email with contact info.
  5. fireboat
    fireboat Nathansvt
    Hey Nathan. I just bought a Viper and I'm looking for fellow owners near Houston. Is there a Viper club in Houston?
    1. Nathansvt
      Not sure. I’m in Austin but if you join the ViperClub (paid membership) they should send you the name of your local contact.
      Nov 11, 2018
  6. fireboat
    fireboat eucharistos
    I just bought my Viper and I'm looking for fellow owners near Houston. Is there a Houston Chapter?
  7. BijanZ
    2008 Dodge viper vert
  8. GRANGER73
    GRANGER73 DJ'sviper
    I’m interested in your soft top
  9. 70mopars
    70mopars Bonkers
    Just posted on your conversation. Your NoV helped stir my motivation and I did just get one. I was going to send you a pic of it but haven't figured how to do that yet. Thanks again for the lists.
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  10. FrankBarba
    FrankBarba Frank Parise
    Hey Frank.....Did you ever buy a Viper ?
  11. Umpire
    Can anyone tell me the value for a set of Viper 1996 Slider Windows - Red
  12. RRG VPR
    I’m just happy to be here!
  13. viperman4125
    viperman4125 TrexRhymes
    Call when you can. No windows- priced as such.
    Call -941.993.4300
  14. Burt G
    Burt G
    Viper Owner
    hey does anybody know how I can find and talk to trainman? I cant find him!
  17. mwalton1122
    I have a 2002 Viper GTS with silver strips.. any one know how many were made? Or where I can find out?
  18. Speed Raceway
  19. ViperMamba1
    Looking for a Mamba Edition Viper in great shape and low mileage - Please reply to [email protected]
  20. h-w-c
    2013 SRT GTS, one of 19 Race Yellow w/o stripes, one of 4 with polished Venom wheels, 1 of 1 with Carmel/Black interior
  21. ViperJeff
    International Viper Registry
  22. rch105
    2005 Copperhead Edition 58/300
  23. Rolf Bartels
    Rolf Bartels Doug Supercharged Vipers
    Hello Mr. Levin,
    i want to order the belt tensioner for a 2005 Viper.
  24. FrankBarba
    FrankBarba WHY U TRY
    Hi Why....When you find the Viper you want don't forget you will most likely need transport services. We are preferred
    transporters for Viper owners. Are rates are competitive. We have delivered Vipers all over the United States along with other
  25. viper k
    viper k Dylan Mashburn
    i have a 2006 vca red with white stripes 3908 miles very nice $59,000 thanks ken 412 582 0188
  26. saadeldin75
  27. Lost my beer
    Lost my beer xf_Admin
    Hello. I recently joined but it looks like I am not able to access the member forum areas. My membership number is 28507. Thx
  28. Russ Oasis
    Russ Oasis Glenn G
    I am also interested in your car. Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 305 667-6800. I'm the Nurburgring guy.
    Russ Oasis
  29. broomrider
    Granger, don’t give yourself credit you don’t deserve.
  30. GRANGER73
    GRANGER73 broomrider
    Did I hurt Broomy's feelings? I hope so!