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New Profile Posts

  1. Wade
    Need body door seal for passengers side 2002 RT/10 part # 4848304AH ,water leaking in, not making anymore and can’t locate, please help
  2. OXIA
    I missed your message below, not sure how but do keep me posted on what's next
  3. Wade
    Need soft top for 2002 RT/10
  4. OXIA
    Fast Snake, I note you are in the Orlando area and so am I
    Are there any area Viper meets and if so how do I get on the list
    Congrats on your 250+ impressive stuff
    1. FST SNAKE
      Thanks OXIA, we do meet up for car shows, cruises, lunches and dinners on occasion. This weekend I'm taking the TT Viper to a show on Sat in Debary called Hoses and Hot Rods which benefits volunteer firemen, and on Sunday we are meeting at Hooters in Sanford for another car show and lunch. You are welcome to come to both or either if u want. Let me know if u need any details
      Feb 28, 2020
  5. nautoncall
    nautoncall Edoggrc51
    How much for your GTS??
  6. Curt Bowe
    Curt Bowe
    05 Viper Recall. FYI, my 05 is going in this week for a airbag recall. Not sure what years were recalled and if it included all the 05s.
  7. bobcat1059
    bobcat1059 gary hutch
    Hey man, I saw your post about your buddy with the ACR. I'm in CT too and would be interested in taking a look if he's selling. Thanks!
  8. beerly
    beerly Compensating
  9. hlieber50
    Hi, I got my airbag module recall on my 2005 SRT-10. Need to wait for better weather and the dealer to get the part. Where is it located?
  10. blkmambaroy
    2004 Black Mamba
  11. Racejaw
    Racejaw 94ViperWC
    Hey 94ViperWC, have you ever been to the cars and coffe in Malvern pa at the Wegmans
    Parking lot? I normally go there weekly. Be great to meet another Gen 1 owner, so come on out and we can compare notes about our cars..Jeff
  12. fendervender
    Gen II owner
  13. Jitendra Raulo
  14. littlecaars
  15. Steves
    Anyone have a base timing map for a gen 1 viper its N/a stock engine?
  16. Cat Abuhilu
    Cat Abuhilu
    Need a soft top for our '94, 1st Gen. Searching for the top to ultimately sell this beauty (only 11K miles)!
  17. Viborin
    As noted very common problem with the Viper, you need to run it at least 100 miles and it should pass
  18. SNAKEBIT2001
    I have Gen 2 '01 RT 10 put Gen 3 brakes and AM wheels on looking for donut wheel that fits in the trunk and will also fit over the calibers
  19. jreece3556
    YouTuber and All Around Car Enthusiast!
  20. saadeldin75
    saadeldin75 David McSeveny
    Reminder about the photos of the viper windshield dear
  21. Mark Crosby
    Mark Crosby
    New to this club. Been an underground viper person for a while. Tech savy with gen 2's and hope to learn more from others in here!
  22. randyzimmer
    randyzimmer deyan
    ... or how to buy a car on Ebay. How were the brakes holding up? Do other Vipers have brake problems on track? Just curious if there's a way I could help. Thanks! Randy [email protected]
    1. deyan
      The car has stop tech race brakes all the way around, so they are pretty spot on. Unfortunately this year due to random problems, not always related to the car, I haven't managed to take it to any of the higher speed tracks, where more braking power is required, but I am sure they'll be good.
      Sep 30, 2019
    2. deyan
      The car drives awesome though, its very predictable and has tons of grip! I came from Spec Miata, so funny enough, it feels like a spec miata with tons of power, hah.
      Sep 30, 2019
  23. randyzimmer
    randyzimmer deyan
    Hi, I've been following the board since a Viper parts business from here (Buffalo, NY) asked for brake cooling help, then moved to Florida the next week. That was a while ago and yours is the first topic concerning going fast rather than finding trim pieces ...
  24. Emmitt McGowan
    Emmitt McGowan
    Waiting patiently for a Gen V
  25. California Rob
    California Rob
    Killer Hauler in Amazing Condition! Loaded w Options!
  26. California Rob
    California Rob
    Asking price $9,500 will text pix !!
  27. venom1994
    venom1994 Captain50
    I put Firestone Firehawks on the front and Toyo Proxes r888 on the back. They are affordable and are quiet. I don't know how long the back tires will last but with as much as we driven them I estimate 5yrs or 10,000 miles is what I hear.. Bought front and back for about a 1000.00 on ebay.

  28. assam teer
    assam teer
  29. dubinl
    Viper Owner
  30. dubinl
    Viper owner