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New Profile Posts

  1. lawrence reents
    lawrence reents BlackBeard
    Hello. Just joined and would like to change my display name to Jakacia, instead of my full name if that is possible. Thanks
  2. Eric Davies
    Eric Davies
    05 srt10 ram yellow fever #16 quad cab
  3. Big Will
    Big Will Mutts02GTS
    Did you ever decide if you were gonna put your car up for sale?
  4. George Sciacca
    George Sciacca
    Bubbling Paint issue? Is anyone experiencing paint bubbling just forward of the rocker panels? I drive a 2016 GTS with 4k miles.
    1. George Sciacca
      George Sciacca
      Dealership will not address due to no longer being within warranty. This is a design flaw....not a paint issue. Also a fire hazard.
      Sep 16, 2020
  5. Stag Stopa
    Stag Stopa
    awaiting the delivery of my 2010 SRT-10 Coupé
  6. Emmanuel Santos
  7. Art 138
    Art 138
    Former 09 VOI ACR Raffle car Owner
  8. phangz
    Where do I submit my VIN to become a member?
  9. steel snake
    steel snake ViperJeff
    Hello Jeff, How things work: is the PM feature still working or has "conversation" taken over that function. I just want to send my email to a member w/o sharing it with the whole community. Also the head and shoulders icon: Some of my posts have the big and small version together where my photo would be. What does that indicate?? Thx, Steel Snake
  10. Glenn02RT/10
    I have hoses from my 94 They might be new Glenn
  11. Rocco Mazza
    Rocco Mazza
    Seriously looking for a 2005 white convertible Mamba.
  12. David Posea
  13. ronald wesley
    1. ronald wesley
      ronald wesley
      I am just going to renew my membership. Not sure if my application went through.
      Jun 12, 2020
  14. BSTViper
    BSTViper beart9h1v8
    Is your Gen II. 3 piece still available?
  15. mac533
  16. marioviper
    Tell me what you have. I am also interested of part cars Gen 3 and Gen 4 or Salvage Gen 3 and Gen 4
  17. marioviper
    3X Gen 4 hood, bumper cover, gen 4 radiator and 1 pad dash...
  18. marioviper
    Need Front fenders and Rear quarter panel both side
  19. marioviper
    Hi, i am a canadian rebuilder. I'm looking for many body parts Gen 3 and Gen 4.
  20. Roman
  21. Byrdman
    Byrdman yekta
    Do you still have the 3 piece top? Does it fit a 2000?
  22. The Dodge Driver
    The Dodge Driver
    Proud owner of a 2017 dodge viper ACR extreme, but wishes to get a 95' RT and don't know where to start
  23. Wade
    Need body door seal for passengers side 2002 RT/10 part # 4848304AH ,water leaking in, not making anymore and can’t locate, please help
  24. OXIA
    I missed your message below, not sure how but do keep me posted on what's next
  25. Wade
    Need soft top for 2002 RT/10
  26. OXIA
    Fast Snake, I note you are in the Orlando area and so am I
    Are there any area Viper meets and if so how do I get on the list
    Congrats on your 250+ impressive stuff
    1. FST SNAKE
      Thanks OXIA, we do meet up for car shows, cruises, lunches and dinners on occasion. This weekend I'm taking the TT Viper to a show on Sat in Debary called Hoses and Hot Rods which benefits volunteer firemen, and on Sunday we are meeting at Hooters in Sanford for another car show and lunch. You are welcome to come to both or either if u want. Let me know if u need any details
      Feb 28, 2020
  27. nautoncall
    nautoncall Edoggrc51
    How much for your GTS??
  28. Curt Bowe
    Curt Bowe
    05 Viper Recall. FYI, my 05 is going in this week for a airbag recall. Not sure what years were recalled and if it included all the 05s.
  29. bobcat1059
    bobcat1059 gary hutch
    Hey man, I saw your post about your buddy with the ACR. I'm in CT too and would be interested in taking a look if he's selling. Thanks!
  30. beerly
    beerly Compensating