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New Profile Posts

  1. BW96snake
    BW96snake miniguy
    Checking again, fot sale still?
  2. jeff Goldston
    jeff Goldston ViperDEN_Nick
    NIck I sent you a PM> let me know if you got it. thanks Paul
  3. jeff Goldston
    jeff Goldston ViperDEN_Nick
    Hey Nick

    93s would be fine but I don't think they have A/C do they?? If i'm wrong let me know. I think 94 and 95s only had a/c I"m in GA so air conditioning is crucial. Let me know. Thanks again, Paul
  4. Froojdh
    Froojdh Phun70
    Hello, iam serching for ECU pinouts for viper gen1, do you know were i can find this?
  5. Froojdh
    Hello, serching for ECU pinouts for gen1 viper. Iam doing a engine swap to another car. Thanks
  6. Michael McKinney
  7. Ryan payne
    Ryan payne Brentt
    Keep me in mind if you decide to sell the gts. Thanks Ryan 315-404-1420
  8. BW96snake
    BW96snake Mark Red GTS Cooper
    Hello Mark,
    Do you still have the BBS LM wheels for sale?
  9. BW96snake
    BW96snake redtanrt10
    Hello, Sent you an email too. Do you still have that BBS wheel for sale? I'm in San Diego. Thanks
  10. BW96snake
    BW96snake miniguy
    Hello, Do you still have the BBS wheels for sale? I'm in San Diego too!
  11. Kebin F Friel
    Kebin F Friel
    New to Viper Club Getting Upgrades
  12. George Farris
    George Farris Batboy
    Sorry, getting older .. who is this???
  13. Marc Kerum
  14. Rob Mergen
    Rob Mergen
    Would anyone know where I can find a right (passenger side) headlight assembly for my 2002 Viper RT10? Really having a difficult time
  15. tophermecier
    Patiently awaiting Spring!
  16. Mayito
    04 srt10 engine going in a 06 quad cab srt10 will it fit and work the right way ?
  17. Dean '01 GTS
    Dean '01 GTS
    Now own a 2008 SR10, got her last week.
  18. Pianoman
    Pianoman Joel Martinez
    I have a 2001 GTS, Blue with Silver Stripes. 10,000 miles. Perfect condition. I'm think about selling it.
  19. HSSSS
    2014 SRT GTS
  20. Chooch
    I currently own a 2009 gen 4 white with graphite stripes, which is 1 of 3
  21. Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez Slug
    Hey Slug - saw your post back in October regarding your Viper. Are you still interested in selling? Feel free to text me at (915) 861-8950. Merry Christmas, Joel
  22. Brass Monkey ACR E
    Brass Monkey ACR E FL2010ACR
    I spoke to you a few years ago about these parts
    if you would email me about parts
    [email protected]
  23. Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez [email protected]
    Hey Neil - out of curiosity we’re you looking to sell your viper still??
  24. Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez
    WTB : Gen 2 GTS
  25. BlackWidow
  26. Victor96
    Victor96 ViperY05
    Would love to see the progress of the Pantera restomod. If not too much trouble please send pics of progress. You can send the pics to [email protected]
    Thanks again for replying.
  27. Robert Stone
    Robert Stone
    Need A/C condensor for 1996 gts
  28. GTS13DBW
  29. Chris Charleston
    Chris Charleston Viper1722
    Any recommendations/details on the cupholder that slides in between the pass seat and center console? Thanks, Chris
  30. 2002-GTS-FINAL-ED
    2002-GTS-FINAL-ED KyViper
    Hello! I see you're listed in KY. I live In Lexington KY & am curious as to where you live in KY. I'm looking to connect w/ other Gen 2 Viper enthusiasts