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    Oreca Viper GTS

    Although not the car you are talking about, I used to own this one: And I just bought this one: After all, they do go with your username! Lol.
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    AEM Engine Management

    I just posted my AEM Engine Management System for sale in case any one is looking for a great deal.
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    Exhaust Upgrade Decision

    If you want no drone at all, then Corsa is the way to go!
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    Help heat shield?!

    This company has great products. I have the header heat shields on my car.
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    2013 SRT VIPER Road Test (European Edition)

    "I know a little German - he is right over there at the bar"
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    Inside Detroit's Conner Assembly

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    Anyone use a trickle battery charger on their Viper?

    Schumacher here, have them in all of my non-daily drivers.
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    AEM - stock ECU - and emissions

    This new test involves the tester taking 3 pics of the actual car and submitting them with the OBD hook up test results. Hard to cheat the test but easy to pass if the OBD connection is there. It does not check actual emissions, just makes sure that all sensors are working and no check engine...
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    AEM - stock ECU - and emissions

    My car won't even come close to passing the 2 speed idle test. Tried a few years ago then had to get creative to get it to "pass".
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    AEM - stock ECU - and emissions

    Car is modded - Paxton, headers,throttle bodies, etc. Funny you should mention Viper Specialty - have been thinking of talking to Dan about sending the car to him for some work.
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    AEM - stock ECU - and emissions

    I have a 98 GTS with an AEM computer. With new Ontario emissions testing, there is obviously no communication with the stock ECU through the OBD port that is required for the test. Knowing that the stock ECU is relocated under the passenger part of the dash I removed it and plugged it back into...
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    What do you think on where we placed at Le Mans?

    To me, all racing nowadays is boring compared to years ago. Technology is killing racing for the fans. They might as well just take the drivers out of F1 cars and race them radio controlled with how much telemetry they are allowed to use. A race car should be shifted with your hand not your...
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    Are all T56 shifters the same?

    You can wait for this one: It is coming oit in a few weeks.............
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    Where to buy "Shuttle Clip" for Power windows?

    You mailed him one that quick??? Impressive.