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    Photo shoot for my bright blue SRT10

    Car looks great, along with the pics. I didn't like it at first, but when I saw it in person, I changed my mind. I know of the exact same color of car for sale at a dealer near me for $69,900...!!!!!! NEW! If I had more faith in Obama and our congress, I would pull the trigger on it.
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    First oil change in 2008 ACR...chunky

    Always cut open your oil filter and look for metal shavings. It is a normal procedure for aircraft engines.
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    Another one bites the dust!!!!

    I am willing to bet by the looks of the floor pan and bell housing tunnel on the inside of the car, that when he went airborne and hit the fire hydrant, that the engine and transmission shifted hard to the left, pushing the floor around the bell housing of the car into the gas pedal which caused...
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    1996 Viper GTS Indy 500 Pace Car items

    JonB, do you also have the decal sets for the matching IndyRam's Just curious because they are getting harder to find and the ones on Ebay seem to go for big bucks lately. I have two extra original sets that I bought for future use, but other guys are always looking for decals. If you have...
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    Question for you guys, Buying an SRT10

    Andy where are you getting those prices from, I see the 22k mile car for $48,000, and the 8K mile car for $51,000.............??? The dealer in Jersey is asking 59K for that car with 22K miles on it, and 60K for the car with 8 thousand miles on it. Andy
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    Visually Updated Viper - Comments Please

    Well...............................he is an attorney! J/k Bob, looks great!
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    Decent Deal on 08

    Dealer near me has a NEW 08' bright blue coupe, two tone interior with nav for $69,990! I am so tempted, but I don't drive the one I have, so I will leave it for someone else.
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    Is this true? Pelosi SRT?

    In the header I thought you meant that the ***** Nancy Pelosi had a viper, you scared me for a minute, as I thought I would have to sell mine if that C___ had one!
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    Since no one talked me out of it...

    Congrats! hope you got the same deal Wally Armour was offering! What color? Tim
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    Talk me out of buying....

    I say if you have the means, go for it. I look at things this is short and you only have one shot at it, so you may as well enjoy it while you are here. The older I get, the faster time flies by.
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    Wally Armour Dodge

    Bought 2 cars from them in the last year, they are about 15 minutes from me. Good dealership in the sense that they treat you right, and the owners are on property every day and will take the time to talk to you. Ask for RJ Anderson (salesman), great guy and he is as honest as you can find...
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    Swap Black for Cognac???

    If I wanted a cognac interior, I would have done it myself! :tz:
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    Hurst Viper

    cognac interior would complete the package..................
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    Swap Black for Cognac???

    :D I was just trying to save the guy some time and money, what did I say that was negative...??????

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