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    Gen 1 or 2 trunk lid for sale

    I'm interested. Send me an email. [email protected]
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    VPA Announcement

    1/4-20 hex torx with captive washers? Anyone? I'll fly to wherever the nuts and bolts are and sort through them myself. Won't cost you a dime and in fact will save you the cost of disposal.
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    VPA Announcement

    If there are any of those intake manifold torx screws with the captive washer I'll take all of them.
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    Lumbar support fix with no Viper tax !!!!

    Got a link? I'm pretty sure the $58 pump is remanufactured. Which is probably fine but should be mentioned.
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    Early X-Mas gift...

    One of the few times a tattoo ever meant anything.
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    Another Viper crash in Boca Raton

    Good thing it has all those government mandated nannies.
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    I have a hydraulic bridge. Not required but a nice convenience.
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    What would it take to replace your Gen II.

    Big cubes with no government mandated nannies. In other words, another 98 GenII
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    Good job. That's where you should be with your setup.
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    I don't slide my foot off it but I engage it quickly. I guess you could say instead of feathering the clutch I feather the gas. It has been a few years but if I recall correctly 3K was where I would start and then go higher or lower depending on conditions. Keep in mind I run stock. Not sure...
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    Air Conditioning Compressor Question

    I picked up a $400 vacuum for $125 and gauges for $100. I do it myself and I do it right. I vacuum the system for 1 hour before putting just the right amount of refrig in it. Don't count on the shop being as precise.
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    Everybody is being nice. Yes, your 60 ft times are horrid for drag radials. If you have a 1/8 nearby jump on it and don't leave until you figure it out. I've made as many as 50 1/4 mile passes during a single Vipers only track day. You might have too much gear also. Just being honest. BTW I...
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    For compare my **** stock 98 RT/10 best run is 12.05 with 60' times about the same as yours.
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    not feeling real good about my 01 RT/10

    I've got 155,000 on my 98 RT/10 and the value increases with every mile.
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    I'm not a fan of the bleeder valve on the Roe. But I'm betting Roe could get the Mishimoto hoses for you if you asked.

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