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Jul 19, 2019
Jul 26, 2008
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Jul 19, 2019
    1. ViperGal
      Herb - what do you know abou the ponytail power cord in the glove box - likely for a radar detector. How/where does it plug in - I'm thinking it plugs into the mirror but not sure where/how? thanks for insight.
    2. zoomie
      hi Herb..
      please give me a call about the Jack Daniels barrel share I have..
      443-562-8727 - getting thirsty.. ;) local distributor says just pack well and ship..
      zoomie - Mark Chatterton - 4317 Windy Hill Rd, Owings Mills Maryland 21133
    3. J&R3xV10
      Herb I just wanted to check that you got the email I sent the night of the auction at voi12 regarding the barrel share. Please let me know @ [email protected]
    4. Phun70
      Need to contact you ASAP. Have a great idea!!!
    5. thompsonracing
      Oh, and I found that little red light you were talking about. Seen it on top of 4th on the way home from Carlisle. I'll have to look for it in 5th next time!
    6. thompsonracing
      Hey Herb, it was great meeting you and talking with you at Carlisle. Thanks for coming out! Is there a way I can email you? I'd like to ship you a bunch of Adam's Products!

      Eric Thompson
      Thompson Racing, LLC
      [email protected]
    7. netapp
      I have a question in regards to hp on a supercharged gen 3. It is a long story so not sure if you can email me and I can right it all up in an email and see what you think. I already took it to one shop but seems they didn't know what they were doing. my email is [email protected]
    8. Phun70
      Hey Herb, let me know what shows you're going to hit this year. I owe you a cigar!

      I know this is off forum but I just bought an IE 392 and wondering if you could find out or direct me to someone who could find out for me the toal poroduction number breakdown of the IE's that were made? Thank you for your help.
    10. Bird325
      Herb, On Ebay: 3 different 'diagnostics' manuals ranging from $8-$25 each and all three in a set for $30, all from different sellers. A SINGLE SERVICE manual (looks like a much thicker book) ranges from $14 with description of 'Manual has water damage and is beat up' to $85, but still a used manual. See what I mean? I don't know whether to get the diagnostics or the service manual. Thanks in advance for the advice.
    11. Bird325
      Hello, Herb. Always appreciate your input and have learned a lot in reading the many questions you receive. I recently asked about manuals for my '01 GTS. I've seen what appears to be small, system specific manuals for sale and huge books that look like they belong in a dealer's service bay. I'll make whatever purchase you recommend, but I don't want to end up getting screwed by someone on Ebay. Should I get the three smaller manuals or the single huge one (with either being published by Chrysler)?

      Also, I posted a question that Dave6666 answered today about voltages at the main (inside) fuse block. Dave is usually correct, but he didn't mention looking it up. Can you verify or correct his post in this thread?
    12. VIPER PIT
      I have a pictures of F.C. signing your car at voi. Drop me a note if you want be to get em over to you. Sorry it been so long, I just remembered when I was organizing the photos on the computer. By the way the new controller update from Winkles at voi did solve the idle problem I was having.
      Keep it up.
      John Hackett
    13. TowDawg

      Can you PM me what other Dodge/Chrysler vehicles share the blower motor and resistor with the '03 Viper? I know I've read at least 1 of the 2 is a common part.


    14. BlknBlu
      Herb, I guess I am unable to send you a PM but I am looking for your address to send you a copy of the Booklet I had with me at VOI and the Finish Line event. It has the history of the Viper broken down by cars.

    15. Roysviper
      Hey Herb

      I have a 2009 AERO COUPE, white with blue stripes. I cannot find out how many of the 2009 11 coupes are AERO coupes. Do you have access to this info? Thanks for any help you can provide. "Happy Vipering"
    16. Phun70
      Hi Herb, Many thanks for stogie at WP Chrysler museum, I really needed that!! Fantastic time marred by drama on the home front, but a good time was had by all! I always enjoy running in to you and really appreciate that you were able to hook me up in my time of need. Mark "Throttle" Hawks
    17. michel544
      Hello Herb, My name is Michel Pilon from Montreal in Quebec. I am trying to find out about fuel injectors. I am trying to locate 38 pounds/hour (+ or - 2 pounds) side feed injectors that would fit in a second generation intake. Any recommendations or suggestions to locate such parts? Thank you in advance for your time. [email protected]
    18. InjectTheVenom
      Hi Herb, this is Willem from The Netherlands. I am doing a scale model conversion and need your help with the dashboard because all manufacturers only offer the gen 1 dash, even in the GTS which is not going to work on the gen 2 R/T10 I'm building.
      Thanks in advance!
    19. Garron
    20. supersnake
      Herb, Here is my Vin # 1B3JZ69Z76V100351. Thanks Again, Grant
    21. MarcRoth
      Hello, Any chance you could point me in the right direction to find the right person to talk to to order a SRT 10 Viper jacket. Thanks in advance. Marc
    22. A99SilverACR
      Herb, This is Joe Johnson I meet you at the mopar nationals this year. I owned the Silver 99 ACR that you liked with the lightweight flywheel. I need to ask you a question about the hoods on the gen 2 cars. I took my car over to Prefix to get a quote for a exterior refresh. They said the hoods in the earlier vipers had a lot of bondo or other filler in them. Is this true? Also do you know the orrigional manufacturer and brand name of the silver paint used in 99?
    23. Disturbed
      When the Viper needs parts made from Carbon Fiber....let me know. I can help.
    24. Phun70
      Herb, I noticed that you are planning to attend the meet in Branson Missouri on the weekend of October 17/18. If this is the case, will Dick be coming along as well, and if so, will you be giving the presentation that we missed at the Mopar Nationals? If you need me to bring a video projector, let me know and I will be happy to bring mine! I was really disappointed when you couldn't find the projector at nats since I was really looking forward to the presentation and hearing what you and dick had to say about the history of our vipers. My wife and I have already made reservations at the headquarters hotel. I suppose you were one of those who snagged the suites????? :hit: LOL PM me back or post in the open in the events area. Mark "Throttle" Hawks
    25. Phun70
      Hi Herb--It was an honor to meet you at Nationals. I am having the coin framed and I will be sure to send you a picture of the finished item. I hope to run into you again in the future. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the nats and when you schedule a time to give the talk about viper history that we were supposed to get at nationals, please let me know and I will try to get there to hear that presentation. I was looking forward to it since I'm a sucker for history. Have a good one Herb! "Throttle"
    26. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse

      Not to contradict but we have changed tons of gears and never had a CEL...

    27. Fursty

      I would like to know if there is a way to verify all of build info on the viper registry website. Do you have access to all of the viper production info, including the 1999 build info that is excluded from the ivr website? If not, how can that data be double checked or where did it come from intially?

    28. Joseph Houss
      Joseph Houss
      Hi Herb!

      Hope all is well.

      Did you see Jamie Furman's 10.9 second quarter mile time? STOCK '08 SRT-10!

      I think ALL the praise has to go to you! This is a historic feat for sure.

      Thanks for your undying passion and keeping the TRUE Viper philosophy alive!

      On another note: Not sure how involved you are in the EV line.... but if you ever need a test subject in NJ.... I commute 90 miles per day, and park in my shop's garage (in other words, could charge for an 8 hour stint before my return trip home). Would love to be part of the test fleet.

      Joe Houss
    29. Venom08
      Hey, I was hoping you could help me. I am trying to find out how many 08 Coupes were made in Venom Red w/ Silver stripes. It would really be nice to know how many of these had H spoke wheels.....Thanks alot
    30. Doubleup
      Edited message, posted in wrong forum... Sorry!
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