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Jul 19, 2019
Jul 26, 2008
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VCA Member
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Jul 19, 2019
    1. Kala
      Hi Herb
      Thanks for your help on the 08 Clutch thread. Changing clutches wasn't enough of a help for me.
      I have a software/transmission/ECU question. Would it be possible to have a PM or e mail about something DC Performance and I are trying to do with my car?

      Thanks for everything you do for the VCA!

      [email protected]
    2. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse

      Mark Jorgensen from Woodhouse, I wanted to just shoot you a note that I was very disappointed that Wayne Hill had retired from the Chrysler warranty dept. for SRT. Wayne has been a great source of info and help with LOTS of our customers and people that I have helped on this site when they run up against a wall with something. I have quite a few engineers and QC people at SRT that I interact with daily and love them all. I don't know what is in store for the Viper brand but if there is any way that we could keep a dedicated Viper head like Wayne around the Viper it would be greatly appreciated from this end and from the Viper owners perspective.

      Thanks for your ear and if there is ever ANYTHING I can do to help you or the cause please feel free to call me and enlist my services. I too am a die hard Viper guy and really love being involved with the community, R&D, and overall customer satisfaction of then all!

      Take care and thanks for all you do,

      Mark Jorgensen
      Woodhouse Viper/SRT Service/Performance Mgr.
      402-677-2935 cell 24/7 for customers
    3. fuelman
      Hi Herb,

      John Canal here, I cornered you in the garage at VOI. I am VCA President down in Central and North Florida. We are having a Road Course event on Nov. 2nd, it is a 2.2 mile track with 4 elevation changes and 14 turns. Skip Thomas is going to attend to offer instruction to the members, I was thinking it would be great if you could attend as well. I am sure we could get you some seat time, plus many members would love the opportunity to discuss this great car with you. Please let me know.

      John Canal
      [email protected]
      407-620-6843 cell
    4. Warfang
      Well, everyone in the Viper family knows you by Grailkeeper. I saw that as a new member name when you first signed on, so I wanted to make sure you were the real deal, and not some newbie trying to claim your name. As I'm sure you know, we're all thrilled to have you here on the site. Welcome again, and look forward to your posts!
    5. ViperGal
      Hi Herb - you may recall when my husband and I met you on your trip to Miami with the S.Florida VCA (we had the back 04 vert) - anyway wanted to let you know that I am officially a Viper driver too now! Let us know if you head to Texas!
    6. MY600HP
      Hey Herbie!

      Who you gonna get to help you with those tough engine questions???

      What, not enough to do in retirement? How's the book coming? I miss ya buddy!
    7. Warfang
      ...and so it is! Welcome aboard! Great to have you here! :2tu:
    8. Warfang
      I hope your name is Herb, because not many can get away with that name around here. :)
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