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Greg Good Cylinder Heads
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Apr 20, 2015
May 28, 2002
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Houston, Texas, USA
Cylinder head porter

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Greg Good Cylinder Heads

Enthusiast, from Houston, Texas, USA

Greg Good Cylinder Heads was last seen:
Apr 20, 2015
    1. sanguissaevus
    2. jp
      Hi Greg, I have a few questions regarding som eproblems I'm having with a set of heads.
      Is it possible to e-mail you my questions?
    3. ulllose
      Greg give me a call when you have a chance. Interested in cylinder heads/cam

      Thanks Brian
    4. speedracervr4
      deleted post..sorry sent a PM
    5. Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      281-794-3805 cell. Business hours preferred. :D
    6. rpm9000
      How can I contact you by phone? I have tried 713-290-1103. Is that your number?
    7. Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Hey Ward!

      As a matter of fact....yes. Had a very fine ribeye last night. :D
    8. Cudaman
      Hey buddy .... had any good steaks recently.:lmao:

    9. Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Hi. Be careful not to go too far on these. This is not a head that you want to get overzealous with. I don't know which Gen car you have, but on a Gen 2 there are several thin areas, and along with core shift that can get worse. The intake port shot side radius is thin, as well as the exhaust short side. You really need a sonic checker to know how thin a port wall is you're working on. The Gen 3's are thicker.

      PM me if I there's anything I can do to help.

    10. Trailertrash
      Greg, Hi
      I hear your the man to talk to when it comes to Viper heads. I have my own Superflow 600 and many years of experience. But its mainly been on Big Block Chevy and corvette heads. These are my first Viper heads and there going on my car. Besides not touching the floor, strightening the runner a bit, blend in the short turn area under the valve, open up the valve pocket under the seat, is there anything else I should look for when flowing, porting these heads?
    11. YLW DRM2
      YLW DRM2
      Hello Greg, I was wondering if you can pitch in to my inquire about heads/cam build? I am looking for the as simple as possible bolts on head/cam package. Any idea what HP would that give me on the existing high flow cats, Corsa and tune?
      My goal is to have least possible amount of modifications to the engine (well relatively speaking ). Ease of install and price another two items I am looking for.
      I honestly would be happy with the 650HP on the block if the set up is easy to install and reliable.
    12. Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Give me your phone number and we'll talk about it.

      My shop number is 713-290-1103. You'll probably get the VM, so leave your number and I'll call back.

    13. Chipster
      What would it run for a set of heads for 97 GTS? If i plan on doing some type of FI later on, is it even worth getting these? I have no other engine work done, it's all stock
    14. 2001 GTS
      2001 GTS
      I can promise you that this cam WILL NOT dissapoint! If I were not going to go all out with my NA build, I wouldn't let this cam go.

      It is still for sale if interested!

    15. Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Greg Good Cylinder Heads
      Yes Sir, that cam is good for N/A, as well as FI. It would be MUCH better than a 708 cam.

    16. SquadX
      Hi Greg,
      Per our conversation, this is the CAM I was referring to that GTS Steve is selling, its one of your CAMs.

      Specs are 230/236 with 278 adv duration and lift if .600" and .610"

      Does that sound like the Cam you were referring to that would work for NA and FI?
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    Houston, Texas, USA
    Cylinder head porter


    713-290-1103 [email protected]