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    Loud Clunking Noise in Driveline - help

    Possibility. If you take your foot of the gas then accelerate and it clunks tighten the bolts that hold the differential and transmission to the frame.
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    Looking to purchase a 1999 GTS in black

    There is one on eBay
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    Timing gear

    Thank you for the reply . Appeared there was only one way . looking for a second opinion . On with the reassembly.
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    Timing gear

    2001 . Putting timing gear back on . Stock . Is it necessary to use a timing Wheel or just line up the dots . Appears to be no adjustment or room for error . Am I good to go ?
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    Main bearings

    Thanks for the reply. Might drill holes . Not sure. Would think the manufacturer would know what they’re doing.
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    Main bearings

    Replacing the main bearings with clevite H series . These bearings have a full slot on the upper half . The slot is narrower than the oil hole restricting oil flow . Anyone dealt with these or have some input. Doesn't seem right ,am I wrong. A few pictures .
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    crankshaft info

    Just trying to get my information right . will gen 1 crankshaft 1992-1996 fit gen 2 1997-2002 . My understanding is no . Also is gen 1 part number 05245103 and gen 2 number 4848733AC . I found an add with 4848733 1992-1996 is this add incorrect . I am looking for a shaft to fit a 2001 .