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    Oil Pan Gasket 1997 GTS

    I am looking for an oil pan gasket as well as a windage gasket. I need to do the timing cover gasket and will have to change these when i tear it down... Any leads? Thanks
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    Timing chain cover

    no. I have not as I am a bit worried on the harmonic balancer (spelling?) and messing any internals. Hoping for some paperwork to review prior to. Thanks for the response... I have huge issues finding any parts way up north. Seems Dodge left us all high and dry...
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    Timing chain cover

    Hello all, I am looking for direction (instruction/description) for changing the timing cover gasket on my 97 GTS. It is leaking Antifreeze. yay for me... I have it stripped down to even having the top cross member removed along with hood and nose cone (naturally AC not working so figured I will...

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