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    Weird issues

    I would test the battery like BYAIC said, but if it started your Viper many times it sounds good but if it is at lower volts say 11.5 the computer will pick up on that and may not power up all the computers. You have many computers and processors in a line and sometimes the BUS communication...
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    Mamba Edition

    Car #55 I love my Mamba. I can drive 55
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    SRT all access

    I will be down there 4 to 6 group
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    Thanks to SRT and Motor Village LA for a great day

    Wow what a day great weather and what a AWESOME dealership Motor Village LA is. A very classy spread they put on for all of us SoCal Members with VIP treatment. Thank you Dennis Lin,Mike Bell, all the employees at Motor Village LA that took part in taking care great of us all and SRT thank you...
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    Registration is now open!

    All signed up, looks like we are in for a great time.
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    New York Auto Show

    We are going planing the trip now, going to stay a week and check out the auto show and N.Y
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    Introduction for Gen V / New York Autoshow / Group Ticket Purchase

    Hope to see you all there N.Y. is where the 1964 1/2 Mustang was introduced
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    Thank you Arizona Viper club

    We had a great time seeing your state, the drive out to Sedona was Awesome, the food was great the company even better. Getting to hear a little from Marv keeps us in suspension, I can not wait until the next VIPER magazine comes out. Thank you all again see you at VOI 12 or your ext trip to So...
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    Ever notice that Viper owners also own a Vette as well..

    get that viper out on the road
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    Newbie Oil Question

    Yes that is correct 10w30 Mobil 1 street use.
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    2010 SRT's...

    I like the 2010 strips looks tough like the VIPER is but then again I like them all keep building them please. :usa: :usa:
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    2010's incoming to Tomball Dodge..WOW

    Sweet I want a new VIPER.
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    2010 SRT's...

    I would like to see the rear then I can say if I like it or not.
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    Voodoo Viper...To buy or not to buy?

    The Ford GT you will love it I have talked to three VIPER owners they have both and they all said the same thing both fun to drive and both different and could not pick which one they liked the best.
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    Dodge Viper finale

    VIPER already proved to turn a profit so why would you want to stop a branding icon,I was a die hard Ford only Family until I bought my VIPER now I own 6 Dodge products all thanks to the VIPER for leading the way. :usa:

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