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Smog Dog
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Jul 17, 2017
Jul 4, 2003
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Massillon, Ohio

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Smog Dog

Enthusiast, from Massillon, Ohio

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Jul 17, 2017
    1. 3whitevipers
      Smog dog--
      I'm not trying to "pile on" with my window regulator question. I couldn't get logged on for the chat . Thanks for showing me that transcript. However, SRT still has not stepped up to the plate regarding the older cars. In the chat that you pointed out, SRT does acknowledge that they redesigned the door and the mechanism itself for the Gen 5. SRT also acknowledges installation issues in the older cars. Why not then redesign a fix for the Gen3 and Gen4? It's this type of being left out in the cold that makes it hard for me to lay out another $120K only to discover a future problem that SRT chooses to ignore. I've already got $200K in Vipers with my Gen 3 and Gen 4. Had I known about the window regulator issue I would have investigated that before buying my Gen4. Nothing pisses me off more than a company continuing to build a product they know is bad, as they knew full well at the start of Gen4 production. Guess it's just me that doesn't like to get screwed ---Dave
    2. GRNBGON
      New car! Tell me more!
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    Massillon, Ohio
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    smog equipment rebuilder, 60's and 70's muscle cars


    2003 Red SRT-10 (traded-20,253 miles) 2006 FE Coupe(traded 20,250 miles)
    2008 Black/Silver Coupe (sold 1,511 miles) 2008 Blue/White Coupe (traded 56,330 miles)
    2013 SRT Yellow/Black stripes, Black leather & Track Pack
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