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    1. Venomiss
    2. TrapperJ
      Hi Steve. I'm reaching out to you for info on keyless emergency entry into the trunk. My info is:
      Dr. John T. Tyson
      19874 Wilkinson Leas Rd.
      Tequesta, Fl. 33469
      Cell: 561-371-9678
      Work: 772-283-8555 8:30-5:00 m-th
      I think I have it figured out. Remove the left license plate light. Reach in with a wire or looped string and pull up on the inside emergency trunk release. John
    3. DeLViper

      Can I call you?
    4. gojazz
      Hi Steve, I haven't joined VCA yet, but would like to come to some local events. Please let me know if you have anything coming up! I live on the SS of Indianapolis. (Just bought an 06 Coupe)
    5. Vetsandvipers
      Hello Steve

      Jdeft1 suggested I talk to you about the alarm issue I have been having maybe you could give me some advice.

      I am going to try and explain everything the best I can. I have owned my 1994 for about 1 year now. Ever since I have owned it I have had a few problems with it. A couple days after I bought it I noticed that my alarm set light will come on while I was driving I did not pay a whole lot of attention to it until one day it did not start up on me. I replaced the battery and to my surprise I noticed that it had the O/E battery from 1994! Shortly after I had new bat installed the light would come and it randomly would not start. To make it start I would have to unplug the battery connection and reconnect it and it would fire right up. On the times it does not start what would happen is it fires up real quick then shuts itself down like fuel is being shut off.
    6. MAMBA
      Read a few more threads. I held my fob next to the car and pushed both buttons until the alarm chirped. Then I set the alarm and then disarmed. Seemed to work fine. I then got in and turned the ignition to on and the "Alarm Set" message was gone (so far so good). I then started the car and it will run as long as I am depressing the gas pedal. As soon as I take my foot off the gas the rpms go to 0 and the car dies. Does it sound like the alarm module is still the problem or possibly the idle control sensor?
      At least I'm making some progress. I would try driving it around a little to see if that helps, but don't want to have to push it back if it dies and won't restart.
    7. MAMBA
      Forgot to give you my phone number 407-695-8547 if you want to call me about my "Alarm Set" problem on the 95 Viper which won't start after changing the battery.
    8. MAMBA
      Hi Steve.
      Looks like I may have the same problem as Rob Z below. I have a 95 RT10 and the battery failed yesterday. I installed a new battery and the car will start and immediately die with a light on the dash that says "Alarm Set". I have looked everywhere in the Service Manual with no luck. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
      My email address is [email protected]
      Thanks much,
    9. Boxer12
      Steve, plz ask around if anyone wants to go to MMP for NASA Nationals Sep 9-13 to help me out in my quest for TTU Championship in my 09 ACR. Also, could you mention that my GTS is for sale...2000 Red/Tan, 17k miles. Good shape. Asking $35k. Thanks, Jim
    10. RobZ

      Trying to get ahold of you to discuss possible alarm issue.

      My email is

      azride at gmail dot com

      Thank you.
    11. ViperLSS
      Hello Steve. I would like to know what events the Indiana club is doing Aug 14, 2009. Myself and a few friends will be in Indianapolis that weekend. Please send me a personal message about this. Like Jeff I do not wish to post my personal e-mail address here.
    12. SF Final 286
      SF Final 286
      "While I too share the very real concerns written above, MY question to you was really just asking whether or not you wanted me to fax the applicable portion of the 2002 Service Manual to you."

      Hi can you fax it to 408-972-6945 c/o Dr. Hou
    13. JeffTheViperMan
      I can't send you a personal message with my email address - I don't want to post it here for everyone to see.
    14. Luke@tirerack
      [email protected]
      Steve, I need your e-mail address for the track schedule

    15. trymyz
      Fax number for 05 ecm pinout is 816-420-4799. My name is Luis and I appreciate it very much.
    16. Kevan
      Hey Steve!
      I saw the post about the 3.14 meeting. Pancakes sound GOOD! LOL
      Are trucks invited? If so, I'll try to contact a couple of Dayton & Indy guys.

      (BTW- In the sections you post the event announcements, non-VCA members can not reply. Thus this message. Just thought you'd want to know.)

    17. texas_venom
      Hey Steve. Could you please send me a PM? I would like to get in touch about your next meeting. Thanks.

    18. Venomiss
      Dear Steve,
      I tried to send a PM but it must be turned off for you? Just wanted to say thank your for helping the Viper owner in Florida with his car and getting the information on the new officers of your region.
      Thank you! Mary
    19. IndianaViper
      I may go to the cruise in, this is my 3rd srt 10, i had a red one, and a 05 VCA #8 of 50
    20. Sean Roe
      Sean Roe
      Hi Steve,
      Tell Elaine Hi too!
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