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Jul 8, 2011
Feb 12, 2011
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Jul 8, 2011
    1. goldcup
      just traded a 2001 sapphire GTS to bernie at Tomball dodge. Tomball and BJ Motors merged.
      You will see it on his website. I can vouch for the car and it is in exceptional condition.
      Mechnically perfect with new fluids and two year old tires. Stripes are aftermarket.
      I cant stress the condition of the car enough. If you become serious I will send you all the pics
      I have alot of hi res pics so its a pain in the ass to do.So only if your serious about the car
      I was ok with Bernie would not rate him high about returning calls or description of the car I recieved. Most people seem to have good luck with him. I would never buy from Tomball again, the paper work was screwed up I recieved it late,they asked me to get the payoff three times and acted like i was dragging my feet they took 30 days to pay off my trade
      which means of course I ended up being late on my first payment ever. When I called the finance department it was being run by Larry Moe and Curly. Buyer beware
      you want to talk about the car or experience call me
      816 591 4214
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