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  1. BlackWidow

    V-10 truck rocker arms...

    @Captain50 pretty sure you may have posted on the wrong site. The 1999 Dodge truck did not come with the V10 Viper Motor and the V10 in a 1999 truck is completely different
  2. BlackWidow

    Tires in Australia

    @Lopnox i think you read it wrong
  3. BlackWidow

    Illustrated Upgrades?

    Issue has been escalated to the programmer. With your question I was able to verify members cannot see that section
  4. BlackWidow

    Illustrated Upgrades?

    Thanks You Janey for the update
  5. BlackWidow

    Illustrated Upgrades?

    its under VCA Members Only
  6. BlackWidow

    Illustrated Upgrades?

    Who did you send your dues to? @azbeeking
  7. BlackWidow

    RT/10 Brake bar light bulb

    Translated Hello forum, sorry to bother you. I register with you because I am looking for a third fire for his Dodge Viper rt/10. Finding nothing on the net, not even a reference. Let me come to you. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day
  8. BlackWidow

    Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy New Year
  9. BlackWidow

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  10. BlackWidow

    After about 10 Yrs away, Nothing's Changed.

    That’s a difficult thing to resolve as the individual has the power and they determine what happens.
  11. BlackWidow

    After about 10 Yrs away, Nothing's Changed.

    Most of the social stuff occurs on our 17,500 + member Facebook page. Years ago we realized that a social media platform was better suited for get togethers.
  12. BlackWidow

    1995 factory 3 spoke wheel color?

    @JonB, very nice!
  13. BlackWidow

    Anyone there?

    Yes, but I'm a bit far away @LaViper, also, most of the social chatter is at
  14. BlackWidow

    New Tire source

    @Shaggy please review
  15. BlackWidow

    Does Viper Registry still have production numbers by year/color/stripes etc?

    Click IVR data on 2001 Vipers
  16. BlackWidow

    Clutch Issue with 2001 GTS

    I looked up the word s l a v e (*****) in the profanity list and could not find it, so maybe I'm looking up the wrong word. {edit}However, I do see that ***** is being blocked, I will enquire because that is odd slave Corrected, I would guess that it is part of some global **** hurt list from...
  17. BlackWidow

    Was my Gen III the 110th built or less?

    Follow this Link for MDH explanation
  18. BlackWidow

    Was my Gen III the 110th built or less?

    Vipers were {not} built in VIN order
  19. BlackWidow

    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    Dam filter can't determine intent, go figure.
  20. BlackWidow

    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    @Shaggy review please
  21. BlackWidow


    Just Wow

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