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    BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Gen II Twin Turbo Kit For Sale

    It was brought to my attention that the price through RSI was lowered for black Friday weekend and as such I figured it was appropriate to adjust my price. This price will be current as long as the price on their website is at the black Friday advertised price. No waiting for any parts that...
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    Looking for a set of 08+ Exhaust tips

    Anyone have any laying around?
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    looking for 08+ exhaust tips

    Figured I would post and all if anyone has a set laying around
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    Slave cylinder replacement how to?

    Really looking for transmission removal and re install write up. I believe i saw one a few weeks ago but cant seem to find it now. Any have a link? Thanks
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    T Minue 30 Days for my RSI build completion

    So I sold my 02 Graphite Gray DLM supercharged GTS several months ago because the perfect opportunity presented itself. Being partial to Graphite Gray and of Twin Turbo Vipers, when the opportunity presented itself to purchase Hyph's Twin Turbo GTS I had to seriously consider it. After working...
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    DLM Graphite Gray Supercharged Viper on ebay

    Just figured i would link the ebay add to Viper Club. If its against policy please forgive me! Click me
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    Is there an ACR registery?

    We are looking at a Viper and trying to tell if its an ACR, is there a way to look it up online?
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    Doug Kevin stage I Paxton kit?

    Does anyone have a list of exactly what Doug's stage i kit consist of?
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    Is there any way to get the ac motor to **** harder?

    It seems the air itself is fairly cool/cold but the system just doesnt move that much air. In my dd 05 vette(and just about every other car) it blows MUCH harder
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    How are you rewiring the harness in your door?

    So it appears that a couple of my wires in between the body and the door have become cut and need to be reconnected which seems to be a common problem. So are you guys just reconnecting the wires ( which seems would just have the same problem later) or splicing in new wiring? Also how do you...
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    Help me with cooling issue please

    So a couple months ago I parked the viper after fairly normal driving and it ****** coolant everywhere. I had to get it home so filled it with water and tried the drive home in about 65-70 degree weather, mostly highway. The car stayed cool (cooler than it usually did) for the majority of the...
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    Anyone have their original window sticker for 2002 GTS?

    If so, could you take a high resolution picture and send it to me? I dont have one for mine so i want to create one with Photoshop for my car. Email address is [email protected] Thank you
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    what size are the bolts that attach the side sills under the car?

    Posting on smart phone and search feature doesn't work that well on here so ifs something that can be easily found with a search, my apologies
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    How much gear oil in the rear end?

    Searched the forum and alot of threads say 2 quarts; my manual says 41 oz of fluid 4 oz addative. Im assuming its the 41oz and 4 oz but want to verify before i seal it up
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    For those running 19" ccw sp600, what tires?

    And do you have pictures? I had 355/25/19 and blew out a tire so need to replace my rears. I think pirreli is the only in thatnsize so I'm wondering what everyone else is running. I've heard good things about the nito invos but they are 345/30/19 so .5" taller sidewall, .5" less in width and...
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    What are my other tire options similar to 355/25/19

    Had a pirreli **** out on me last night but from I see they are the only thing carried in that size at discount what sizes would give me similar width and sidewall height? I'd like to find something that grips a little better
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    Any other place to get alternator?

    Other than the dealership?
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    Anyone have a factory rear end sitting around?

    Would like to pick up a factory rear end that will work with my 02 GTS. Im wanting to try factory gearing instead of the 3.55s but dont want to open up my rear end to change the gears in case i end up wanting to go back to the 3.55s. So anyone have one laying around i can get off your hands?
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    looking for factory rear end for 02 gts

    If anyone has one laying around by chance and wants to get rid of it; i want to try factory gearing but would like to keep my rear end with 3.55s in case i decide to go back.
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    How much can my friend sell his viper rear end for?

    about 7,000 miles factory rear end; he asked me what would be a fair price? I wasnt sure
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    TX2K11 Pictures are up, including Supra wreck.

    Definetly some scary parts to the show (however great to see the drivers walk away), but overall another GREAT turnout! Thank you for having us out there. We will continue to upload some of the pictures (bikini contest) Visual Velocity Studios » Professional Photography...
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    What to do with CCW wheels?

    I have the sp600 ccw wheels and absolutly love them but they are such a pain to keep a good polish and shine on them! :( Im thinking about taking them to either a) get a very high polish and then a couple coats of clear coat b) get them chrome dipped Anyone have any experience with...
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    Need part number for window track bracket

    My window is off track and i found that one of the two brackets that guide it up (towards the back of the door), broke.... i need to find a replacement, anyone have a part number by chance?
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    How much room is needed for a 4 post lift?

    Would love to have a lift for some of those more annoying under car work... problem is my garage is built into my house (next house will definetly be built to my liking), so i only have 10ft ceilings in there. Anyone know if i could get a lift to use for the work/park another car below it?

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