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    WTB gen 4 intake manifold

    I have a Gen 4 available
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    WTB gen 4 intake manifold

    Is there a reason you wouldn't want to use the Gen 5? 23 hp and fits. Prefix should have a couple. If questions send me an email [email protected]
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    Bill, we all needed to hear that, thank you. Never in my 33 years as a dealer did I encounter a program as fair or as expensive as this one. Dropping the price $15k across the Viper line, then offering $15k to a present owner to remove his depreciation hit, unheard of. Providing it in the...
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    Gen 4/5 High Flow Heads

    I can't find much incentive to massage a Gen V head. It has great numbers, and is accurate due to the factory CC. As we know, an increase in power comes from all links in the chain getting better, intake, C chamber, exhaust and all the subtopics within. I expect you could find power for less...
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    Overheating 2000 GTS

    Cragin, wow, you are still posting and helping people, 17 years? Great stuff: You said something here that have been overlooked: " The biggest issue with the factory cooling system is airflow. With little frontal area and not much venting on the hood its hard for the air to get in and out at...
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    Color Match Front Grill for Gen V

    ArnarFB, You are incredibly gifted, the Viper Nation is grateful for your open and willing creative display here. After viewing this thread end to end, realizing where it started; coloring the grille, I wanted to share what making the grille a body color does for me. Looking at your first...
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    LUKE... any word on PSS -335-30-18 being made?

    Drop me a note if these are of interest, I have new Toyo 345/35/18 and 305 frts also some possible 295's all 18" will sell for half price [email protected]
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    Dual Master Cylinder Install?

    Boxer, I might assume you are a Gen lll or lV chassis. Dual master cylinders are an upgrade for the Viper Competition Coupe. They came out in about 2008 for World Challenge. This fits your car if we are on the same chassis. You drop the present pedal assy out and modify the magnesium toe...
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    Track rats chime in. Corner balance car today. See if this looks good.

    Hi Hurricane, great job on the corner weight, you nailed it, curious why you picked up 200 lbs between readings though, I suppose to show how much difference you sitting in it makes? You don't need adjustable sway links, but I assume you did your cross weight with the bar disconnected, at the...
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    Woodhouse Transmission Mount

    The Woodhouse Performance versus Woodhouse Motorsports confusion pains me deeply and since I am the one responsible, ie the reason for the name Woodhouse and creating both of these entities I owe you all an apology. After 33 years I sold my interests in the Woodhouse Auto Family of dealerships...
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    I have been to ALL 11 VOI's, and this one was......

    Chris and Mary Marshall for President.
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    VOI-11 Race Events television Schedule:

    Jon: Thanks for sharing the Woodhouse Pit Report url,from the Salt Lake City event, we just posted it yesterday. Great event and the race can be seen later this month. Set your timers. BROADCAST: On VERSUSOctober 30, 2010 3PM Eastern Also on after initial broadcast
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    Pictures of Shifters

    If you missed the 3-4 shift, a common problem, you may want to look at the cure for this. There is a modified version sold by Dodge Viper Racing : Performance Parts & Accessories. It would look identical to what you have now.
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    Looking for tow hooks

    Tow Hooks Detachable tow hooks exclusively from Woodhouse Performance. Meets All FIA requirements, eye and spindle detach to preserve your Viper's sporty aesthetic. Details Mounts directly to frame to ensure strong attachment point The hooks themselves are hand detachable and the mounting...
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    Help!! Middle of engine mount install...

    Chack Tator has you on the right track. The mount is best removed by itself leaving the bracket on the engine. It should come right out and go back as easily. Jack up one side at a time to let the motor rotate over a bit and allow some manuevering room. Oh, one other thing, the mount may have a...
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    Track guys, question on rear brake pads....

    Lets go slow on your conclusion. More info needed. Is your tire diameter exactly the same as what the car was delivered with? Not tire, but dia. This is critical to brake temp since if the leverage changes it may cuase your rear axle to be doing more work than intended. Do you have the same pad...
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    New Mobil 1 Racing 0W-30 Oil for Track Use?

    Vipera: Several quesitons there, we run a pair of Comp Coupes in the SPEED World Challenge Series. For about three years all we ran was Mobil Synthetic 0W30 as we thought we were getting about 6 additional horsepower and speculated that this would drain quicker to the pan helping with hi G oil...
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    Shocks for '03

    We have a set of take off Motons from a Comp Coupe. Give us a call so we can talk about some other points you need to know about.
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    2008 End of Season Report from the Woodhouse Windshield

    2008 End of Season Report from the Woodhouse Windshield Viper friends, car enthusiast friends and just good friends; the 08 season transitioned me from being your scribe; as I did responsibly for you in 2005, 06 and 07, to one of an occasional brief on say 5 events at once. None of the reasons...
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    Any BBS wheels for sale?

    We have a couple of used sets of Viper BBS Comp Coupe 3pc wheels. Can you call 402 426 9541 or leave us your number and we can provide the details.
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    Diffuser and splitter build pics

    Beautiful and meticulous work. Do we have an overall plan here, IE what download numbers do you want to achieve, any testing or data available?
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    WANTED: pics of Gen 3 cars with front splitter

    Go to Dodge Viper Racing : Performance Parts & Accessories and click on aero package. As you complete your project, keep in mind the splitter induces down force ahead of the front axle thus removing rear weight at speed, like a teeter totter with the front axle as the fulcrum. A properly sized...
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    Strange engine heating problem (new)

    You mentioned it heats at idle, the radiator is clean, coolant is good etc. This is not an ethanol issue, otherwise the entire nation would be overheating since most 91 octane is around 10% which is what I assume you mean by ethanol. The blend yes? Air in the system is a high possibility...
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    gen 1 lowering springs

    If lowering is the exclusive goal, up to one inch is possible with your stock springs by machining the stock spring perches. Less expensive too. We have done several sets of these. The car needs to be re-aligned also which I am sure you are aware. If you would like more info, please call Rick or...
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    10th Annual Woodhouse Racing School Trip --- March ,2007!!!!

    I so love doing these schools, you meet lots of great car guys, you learn, always learn more, no matter what level. The ego bruising, I'm faster'n U goes away fast. Well except for Bill of course, and we all love him, he is worth half the price of admission for his entertainment value. But I...

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