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    ACR X Dyno run

    Got the ACR X to the dyno today. Not a bad run.
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    ACR X dyno run

    Finally had a chance to get the ACR X on the dyno today. Not to bad.
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    Roberts true colors

    This should put a end to the whole red vs yellow debate. My youngest son was lurking online and came across these picture of Robert and his car.Pictures don't lie. Merry Christmas too all.
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    Another story about Ralph Gilles

    Gilles makes Fortune’s list of rising stars Chrysler Group LLC’s Ralph Gilles has made Fortune magazine’s list of the “hottest young rising stars” in business. Gilles, 39, and Senior Vice President—Product Design and President and CEO of the Dodge Car Brand, was 34th on the list of 40...
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    WILDASP hows the car

    Ok WILD did you get your new toy this morning? If so why havent you told us all about it yet? Pictures you know the drill.:eater:
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    Anyone need there car hauled to VOI?

    I have 2 spots if anyone wants there car at VOI.Kinda of last minute but I just found out I was going. I plan on leaving Tuesday morning and head back Saturday.I will be leaving from Wilmington NC.Need to know by Monday the 18th if anyone is interested. Tom Sessions 910-228-8477
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    Viper Text books

    I have some of the early training books and manuels from the Viper classes avaibleI should have a list soon of what is there.if anyone is interested let me know.Call me or send a PM.
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    Empty car trailer heading south from Connecticut

    I am getting a new two car enclosed trailer this weekend(march 2,3,or 4).It is being picked up in east haven Connecticut.I am looking for something to haul.The trailer is headed to Wilmington NC but can go farther if needed.I hate the thought of pulling a empty trailer this far.Call me at...
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    Fla.owners in need of998/998 recalls

    I will be in the tampa area late next week at Elite Motor sports.If you are in this area and have not already contacted me please let me know so I can try and take car of you.I should be in Tampa around Aug 8 or 9 then untill I'm done Tom Sessions [email protected] Dodge 910-799-4210 work 910-228-8477 cell
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    One lap Viper needs help

    Alan Modzelewski and Tom Atherton are running 6th over all in the one lap.They are inroute to ****** run and have a cracked Power steering pump bracket.They have wedged a brake pad in place to keep the pump in line but need a better fix.Anyone that can help meet them at the track call me at...
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    calling SLOCAL rebell.....

    Hey Ron did you ever find out who gave you the Rookie designation at Viper Days at Button Willow A few weeks ago :D :D I have a buddy coming to thunder hill to help me carry my scales since you don't own a viper anymore :D Your friendly tech Inspector
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    Sterling Marlin comes to Wilmington NC

    He will be at [email protected] Dodge on Saturday the 29th of June between 10:30-12:30.The carolinas region vca will also be there doing a inspection for recalls 998-999 and then set up a time for the repairs to be performed.I will also do a pre tech inspection for those going to VIR on july19,20,21 for the...
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    Tech insp at Mid-Ohio will be 1-9 pm Thur a the ramada

    Tech will be occuring at that time please arrive early if you can so you won't miss any track or class time Friday morning.Tech friday morning will be 6:30 - 7:00 for white group 7:00-7:30 blue group 7:30-8:00 green group.You can go to the Viper days web site to see what run group you are in if...
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    5 point seat belt recall and viper days

    Are you planning on attending Viper Days and is your car involved in recall 979?If so I can do this recall at the track for you.I will be at all the events this year so call me for the details.Tom Sessions [email protected] Dodge Wilmington NC 910-799-4210
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    First drive new 02 RAM 1500

    I had the chance to take part in southern 500 nascar race in Darlington yesterday in which Dodge rolled out the new RAM 1500.We made a lap around the track during driver intros with Dave Blaney driver of the #93 Amaco Dodge.And then brought the truck home to the dealer.all I can say about this...
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    Turn around time from Arrow

    Arrow is speeding things up.Four weeks ago I had a customer with a failure and we pulled the engine and sent it back for repairs.I recieved the engine back this afternoon and it is now in the car and should be on the road tomorrow.4.5 week turn around time not bad for a better than new motor.
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    new style Gen 1 head gasket

    I just recieved a set of the revised head gaskets for the gen 1 engine and they are now MLS (multi layered steel) style gasket.DC has used this on many other engines with good results.I left the part # at work will post tommorow if needed.
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    Gen III viper?

    OK is It just me or does Skip Thomas car look like a gen III from the front or what?Maybe he's been doing secret test's on the car right in front of us
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    yellow tubes in headlights?

    They are for the lasers mounted in the front of the car no that's not it,it's for the auto pilot,no that's not it either they are used to aim the headlight's since you can't mount headlight aimers on the lenses.
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    Viper Wiper Motor

    If one motor works smoothly and the other one is jumpy the one that apears to be working correctly is the one at fault the sync switch in that motor is bad and the other motor is trying to keep up with what it thinks is right for the bad motor.So it should only neeed one motor and not a module...

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