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    Front valance piece

    Looking to get a new valance for my 03, mine has multiple stress cracks, and 4 of the tabs the fascia bolts to are gone, (common with older injection molded plastic, gets brittle) found many online, my question is are they even being made still, if new old stock, am i just going to run into the...
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    have an 2003, been running perfect since i got it (2000 miles plus), yesterday at cold start, idle did not jump up to the typical 1200 and then back down again, just started and sat about 700, seems to run fine, but when clutch is pushed in, idle drops to 500, then back to 700, wierdest thing is...
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    Center speaker removal

    hope all are well, my top center speaker (the two between the seats) is blown in my 2003 srt10, it is an alpine, the bottom has no label, so i'm assuming it was replaced before, can see the screws beneath the grills, but cannot get the grills off....pried a little with a body trim tool, but...
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    high beam switch problem

    have a 2003 srt10, high beam switch would sometimes shut the lights off altogether, got a new one and when I put it in, lights and hi beams work fine, but no turn signals...checked fuse, its good, bought another switch from another company thinking the first was faulty, and exact same...

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