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    Twin Turbo Viper

    I am just happy that Priority install is NOW available. "Published on Feb 16, 2015 RSI Racing Solutions TWIN TURBO GEN 5 VIPER PRIORITY INSTALL NOW AVAILABLE"
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    AEM Infinity PCM MODULE from Wiliam @ RSI how long is reasonably?

    Just because the customer is in Texas does not mean they take care of them. With that being said, I would have no hesitation dealing with Calvo Motorsports in Austin or D3 Performance in Houston.
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    BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Gen II Twin Turbo Kit For Sale

    It was brought to my attention that the price through RSI was lowered for black Friday weekend and as such I figured it was appropriate to adjust my price. This price will be current as long as the price on their website is at the black Friday advertised price. No waiting for any parts that...
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    96 GTS with 80K for 30K????

    If you are going to drive it often, who cares how many miles it has. If you want ta blue and white one pick it up, save the money and Twin Turbo it :)
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    GenII Fuel Pump.. need one... anyone have?

    What year car do you have?
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    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    No the 02 that I sold to get into that car; was a DLM car, should have just kept it :( The car was sitting in a friends storage unit while some things get figured out but I am trying to work with a shop to attempt to piece it back together. They are trying to locate parts that are obvious...
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    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    I had a 96 and an 02 and to me the 02 just felt more solid; It could have just been my two specific vehicles thought.
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    Twin Turbo :)
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    Missing / Stolen Radiators

    Man that really has to be a bad feeling to have things stolen from you, lucky for you that it wasn't anything more significant like a car or large amount of money.
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    Looking for a set of 08+ Exhaust tips

    I havent found anyone that has one laying around
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    Looking for a set of 08+ Exhaust tips

    Anyone have any laying around?
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    Gen I, II or III...decisions decisions.

    Get a Gen II and Twin Turbo it
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    looking for 08+ exhaust tips

    Figured I would post and all if anyone has a set laying around
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    Two Post Lift for long term storage?

    Have to say i LOVE having a 4 post lift (got one a few weeks ago). It makes working on the cars so much less stressful
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    I hated my viper because of racing solutions

    Which shop are you referencing?
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    Slave cylinder replacement how to?

    Really looking for transmission removal and re install write up. I believe i saw one a few weeks ago but cant seem to find it now. Any have a link? Thanks
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    Advice on finding a roller 2nd gen

    I would list any specifics and price range you are looking for and maybe someone can give you a lead
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    Power Steering High Pressure Line Quick Disconnect Leak;jsessionid=8E0D9F1932EAF611574A432B1A1326AD.m1plqscsfapp05?productId=600&categoryId=242 Just installed these on a friends car...... much better product IMO. Strongly recommend.
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    Now available gen 3 viper power steering line replacements

    Back from the dead for this thread. Does anyone have a contact number for the company? I need to see about getting a set sent overnight

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