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    The right place to advertise a 96 GTS

    I will be putting my 96 GTS on the market in the near future. It is a #1 car with 14,000 miles. Has a Corsa cat back exhaust (have original) and the power steering pulley upgrade. Everything else is stock. I would like exposure, but not thrilled with all the noise that comes with certain sites...
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    Hagerty weighs in on GTS collectability

    They have the best data out there and a good track record. Interesting read. What most enthusiasts likely already know.
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    My 96 GTS Blue/ white stripes is going to auction

    Mixed emotions about this. My pristine 15K mile GTS is going to cross the block Saturday June 6th. Mecum Seattle.
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    Interesting Gen 1 conversation and action on Bring A Trailer

    Great looking car and interesting comments and links. No affiliation.
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    96 GTS out of Wellborn collection up for auction will set the market

    This looks to be a great example of a very collectable Viper (no affiliation). Very few clean, low mile, stock 96 GTS's ever come on the market. These will be six figure cars in the near future. It will be interesting to see where the market is heading on these low production very desirable...
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    Interesting video about future collectilbility of Viper

    This appeared in the Haggerty newsletter this month. Drew Alcazar of Russo and Steele talks about one of his favorite cars, the Dodge Viper, and discusses the market for the car responsible for "the resurgence of American muscle."...
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    Chuck Tator shout out.

    As many people are aware, Chuck is the man. He's been patient and generous with his time and vast expertise in helping me keep my 96 GTS in perfect working order. Thanks Chuck. I definitely support Tator's garage...and you should to. :2tu:
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    Frame paint recomendation

    I have a few small scrapes on the frame of my gen 2 and would like to make them go away (I'm ****). I've been told gloss black rattle-can at hardware store. Anybody have success with a particular brand? Thanks
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    Which High Flow Cat?

    I am taking delivery of stock '96 GTS. I want to purchase a high flow cat. I want to eliminate some heat and keep the sills in good condition. Also want to be able to return to stock in the future. What brand is recommended? Thanks

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