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  1. J

    Someone please make this for 2006-2010

    If fate decides for me to keep my viper, I want!!! Looks great, perfect compromise between nothing and the big ACR/Aero wings.
  2. J

    Does anyone have a heads cam N/A stroker car?

    After reading about some really good experiences with adding heads and a cam to a Gen III, my curiosity for the ultimate N/A build is growing. It seems like 2 straight forward mods (with tuning) will net approx 150-200rwhp increase making 600-650 at the wheels of a Gen III. What are your...
  3. J

    Lower shift boot

    I have been getting annoyed with how hot my shifter and shifter ring have been getting when the car is up to temp. I pulled my shift boot off and sure enough, the lower boot has a couple large slits in it. Anyone know why these crack and develope large slits? What is the easiest way to...
  4. J

    Best comment you overheard someone say about your car...

    I HAVE to share this. I don't think this will ever be topped as long as I have my car. About a month ago I was coming out of Von's (grocery store) walking to my car when a couple just passed in front of it walking past me and into the store. Guy to girl: "if I had a cloak of invisibility, I...
  5. J

    Very professional, great service

    Just wanted to give another quick positive review of A&C performance. Todd helped me last week with a simple Corsa install. I showed up in the morning, drove it right onto the lift, and by mid day the car was buttoned up and ready to go. All of my questions were happily answered and he even...
  6. J

    GenIII Secondary cat gutting

    Is there any issues to doing this as a permenant mod? The High-flow cats don't use secondaries either I believe. Can they be removed without a CEL? Still pass emisions? Why doesn't this seem to be common? Any other thoughts are welcome! Thanks.
  7. J

    Gen III N/A -vs- SC build

    Trying to figure out here what I want to do with my car end of this year and this winter. I am leaning towards the mod path compared to trading it for a Gen 4. With the exception of the hood, there isn't many visuals or reasons that will lean me to the Gen 4, I just want the extra 100hp...
  8. J

    Stock Gen III and IV Dyno, overlayed graphs?

    Curious to see what Gen III -vs- Gen IV stock dyno graphs look like when overlayed on top of each other. Doesn't a Gen III make more power lower in the RPM range? But, 3000/3500+ RPM the 2008+ pulls away? What about TQ? Thanks!

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