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    best brake pad for stock calipers/rotors

    Brakeman 3's are also a better than stock option, lots of bite
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    fog light replacement 2001 GTS help

    follow up question: where did you buy the foglight? I tried searching online with both the mopar and hella part numbers with no success. Anyone have a vendor or a link to a site?
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    Gen V wheels on a Gen II RT / GTS: anyone photoshop this?

    have / can any of you photoshop wizards put the Gen V wheels on a Gen II car?? I saw a PS of the wheels on a Gen III/IV and it looked pretty sharp.
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    kicker cvt654 install

    cweaver, did you do any modification to the stock speaker cover to get it to fit over the kicker? I just installed this sub in my 01 RT and noticed that the stock speaker cover is smaller than the frame of the kicker.
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    another speaker question

    ok so I got the new components, test fitted the subwoofer (rear center speaker) and am trying to now mount it. The ***** holes do not line up with the stock positions so I tried to drill some new holes, however the drill bit snapped while trying to get through the plastic enclosure...whats the...
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    Gen I/II Tonneau Cover Price?

    never even touched it, still in the bag it came 11 years ago.
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    Color Match Front Grill for Gen V

    ArnarFB, i loved the new design when I first saw it, but your work has definitely sold me. SRT should be sending you a viper for all the believers you have made with your work. The painted V-spoke on the ACR version is dead **** as well. DEAR SRT, WE WANT THE FOG LIGHTS BACK! GIVE US BACK...
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    2016 Vert

    bring back the RT!!!
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    another speaker question

    will do, any recommendations on amps in case I need to go that route?
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    another speaker question

    Sticking with the factory amp. Sound is loud enough for me already.
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    another speaker question

    thanks for all that information guys. I took apart my rear speaker and saw that the foam surrounding the paper cone had deteriorated and shredded in places, probably the cause of the newly horrible sound quality. I just off the phone with Crutchfield and picked up a set of Boston Acoustic door...
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    another speaker question

    Hi APGTS, do you know how much modification (if any) is needed to get 6.5's into the door housings?
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    another speaker question

    Ok, I hate to start a new thread on a much talked about topic as much as the next guy, however I DID perform a search and still need your input. It's time for me to change the speakers. 1. I have read on here that the stock door speaker size is 5 1/4 and that 6 1/2 will require modification...
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    you must watch this video

    its pretty clear, Gen I / II sound the best... :headbang:
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    2002 RT/10 Squeaky Hartop

    try a quick search, this topic came up a few years ago. I dont remember all the details, however there should be a ***** that determines how far the latch travels before it engages. An adjustment on this ***** will allow you to get a tighter or looser fit of the top on the car. This should...
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    strange sound = worried man

    Jack B, duly noted, I wish I could get to a dyno. Hopefully soon. jdeft, car has been running like a top for 10 years / 30,300 miles, not one hiccup. Filled up the tank last weekend with some Sunoco 91 and Saturday was the first time on that tank that I had the car at WOT. Either way, a pint...
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    RT 10 Stripes

    that is so f'in cool, nice work!
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    strange sound = worried man

    sounds good plum. Thanks to you and everyone else for all the help!
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    strange sound = worried man

    So here's the update. Pulled the plugs and no clear signs of anything wrong. Put them back in, put in a pint of Lucas Oil octane booster and filled up with a tank of 93 octane. I went out for a test run and after about 7 miles on the new fuel, did 6 pulls to the redline and could not hear any...
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    strange sound = worried man

    The plan is to: 1. run down the tank (only about 4 gallons left) under light load and put in the octane booster with a new tank of fuel. Then test. 2. if no resolution, reset the VEC1, then test. 3. if no resolution, pull the plugs and check SSx damage. I'll post back with news / results.
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    strange sound = worried man

    I didn't notice any drop in power yesterday, still terrifies me when i punch it. Thanks for the all the direction guys, I'm definitely going to go get some octane booster and see if there is any change. The sound should still be audible at WOT in neutral correct? I don't want to have to go...
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    strange sound = worried man

    ok, so i looked around on youtube to see if I could find a representative video. After searching through lots of videos for spark knock or detonation, this video seems to best fit the sound I heard this morning, only imagine it coming from a more badass V-10. Being that this video is entitled...
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    strange sound = worried man

    Hey Dan, do you think reprogramming by VEC1 would do the trick?
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    strange sound = worried man

    guys, why would detonation start all of a sudden? what are possible causes? I am trying to wrap my head around the 'why now?' question. I am going to pull the spark plugs tomorrow and will post pictures if anything looks abnormal. I'm guessing a discolored or peppered plug is a pretty good...

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