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    Custom tuning Gen IV

    Gents, Are the codes for Gen IV released yer in order to custom tune the PCM ? if so what tuner is capable of tuning it ? because as I understand Gen V codes are released for custom tuning and I am a little optimistic for Gen IV :D Best Regards Faisal
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    Gen V Carbon interior

    Gentlemen, My friend he has a Gen V and he is interested into upgrading his interior into carbon fiber, we checked the prices for the carbon pieces on the dealer and they are craaaazy $$ So does any body knows where or how to find a place to upgrade into real carbon ? not interested in...
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    Stryker Purple!

    Hi All, Can any body confirm if the stryker purple will be available for 2015 Vipers ? because that color used to be in, but not any more !! I wondered why is it removed ?
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    any used set of 6 spokes wheels or ACR wheels ?

    Hi guys, I am thinking to change my wheels, currently I am running 10 spokes factory on my Gen4 and considering the 6 spokes or ACR black sidewinder wheels depends on the deal will make a decision any one interested in selling a perfect set of wheels ?
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    Pictures of LE with carbon aero package

    Hello guys Any body has photos of Gen V lunch edition with sidewinder II and carbon aero package Thanks in advance
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    Code Reader

    Hi all I would like to buy a code reader for my 2008 coupe I found 2 in and So what do u recommend ? or there are some other readers that u recommend ?! for a high quality code reader ? BTW, I am running Mopar PCM, I think it has nothing to do with it and it...
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    Recommendation for Gen4 drilled rotors

    Hi viper community I am planning into upgrade my rotors but not so sure which one to buy as there are many aftermarkets rotors looking specificly for drilled rotors or slotted and drilled, so what do u recommend ? ( for street use and street racing ) I found those online : so what do...
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    any one tried this lubricant for Gen IV transmission ?!

    hello everyone.. I asked one of my friends while he was outside the country to buy some motul lubricants for my car, to be specific diff oil and Transmission oil because they are not available in my country I asked the guy to buy the Motul ATF 100% synthetic oil for the trans, but instead and...
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    knocking sound

    Hello guys, there is knocking sound on my car, the sound is coming when i drive over street **** or a high area its like some one knocking your door, exactly the same sound i think its from the rear area of my car , so is this normal ? or what could be the possible cause? by the way...
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    Installing k & n

    My friend he has a viper 2009 with headers and belanger cats with mopar PCM, but with stock intake system. And he wants to install k&n intake system, but does he need to retune or reprogramme the mopar PCM ?
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    Corsa or Belanger Cat Back ?

    Hello everyone, my 2008 viper is installed with american racing headers 1 3/4" and K&N intake system and I'm looking forward to replace my OEM cat back. so which cat back do recommend me to buy? corsa or belanger ? with or without cat ? I'm looking for a good sound ( noisy :D ) or better...
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    official repair manual for 2008 viper

    Hello every body I'm looking for an official or the best repair manual for my 2008 coupe viper, with clear figures and procedures so what is your recommendation?
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    has anyone tried the viper race engine controller (mopar)

    What do u think if i install that mopar engine controller on my gen4 viper 2008 I have installed american racing headers and k&n air intake but not tuned yet because its difficult to find a viper tuner in My country. My country is at see level and the temp during summer is around 40 degree...
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    problem with the driver window

    Hello guys I have a problem with my 2008 viper The upper edge of the driver's window is always hitting the body while opening and closing the door!! So sometimes I have to open the Window a little to keep a sufficient gab between the upper edge of the window and the body of the car...
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    the best brake system for srt10

    Hello everyone I have a viper srt10 2008 and im looking forward to upgrade my stock brake pads and rotors So what is your recommendation? I prefer slotted and dimpled brake rotor I saw these rotors and ceramic pads in

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