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    DIY-Gen3/4 Window Regulator

    This is my first actual DIY write up, and I did the job almost a week ago now, so I'm working off memory here. If for some reason I miss something, please inform me and I can add it to the original post. I unfortunately did not have a great camera on hand and I never planned to be doing a DIY...
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    Album pictures approval?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. How long does it take for pictures added to an album to be approved? I am about to do a DIY write up for the window regulator, but all my pics are still pending approval it looks like.
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    Track day Aug. 20 at Stratotech

    If anyone is interested, my buddy has the track rented for that day. Looking for more people as the price per person drops the more people we get. Currently we have my 2006 Viper, a 2011 Z06 Carbon, an IS-F, my buddies new Porsche 911. Possibly a few others that he has coming and I am...
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    Rear sway bar end links

    Anybody have a good online recommendation to buy these?? My driver side boot is torn I found out the other day. All I have found online is the adjustable ones which I don't think I need. Should be a cheap part, I might just try the dealer.
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    What's up with MGW?

    Ordered the gripper shifter back on June 9. I got an invoice from them right away. But I've never received any shipping confirmation or tracking number. I tried to e-mail them on their contacts to see if this thing is back ordered or whatever, but I just get a delivery fail notification...
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    Cascade loop excursion from Alberta?? (July19-22)

    I just booked my rooms to go down for this event. I was hoping a few more Alberta members were planning to attend, and possibly conga line down to Kelowna on the Thursday to meet up with BC members on the Friday. One other Edmonton member I talked to sounded interested, we could travel to Red...
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    Shop to install provided parts?

    I have a set of Corsas and high flow cats to go on my Gen3. I really don't have the patience to lay on my back in the garage and do it, and don't want to waste my little free time working in the garage when I could be out driving. Is there any decent shops someone can recommend in the...
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    Alberta year ender??

    The weather forecast is not looking favourable, but I wonder what our chances are of having a summer end get together/bbq or something is?? I wouldn't seeing some of the crew before hibernation time.
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    What happened to all the wheel vendors?

    There used to be like 3 different people posting up specials on wheels pretty regularly. Now I see nothing. I was planning to get some nice wheels as one of my upgrades before next summer, where do you guys suggest I go for a decent deal?? Looking at 360 forged or a like brand, 20" wheels for...
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    Race the Base 2012 convoy interest

    I know there is a few members planning to attend this event in Cold lake in 2 weeks. It would be great to organize a convoy to head in. I'm not sure what others plans are as far as accommodations? My guess is that everything will be full already, so I will most likely be driving in and out on...
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    Miles to KM change with starscan?

    Sorry if this has been covered, I did do a search but didn't find anything. I finally got my 2006 vert up here yesterday and I need to get the DRL switched on for the RIV inspection, I figured at the same time I would get the Miles changed over to KM while I'm at it. Is this a simple thing you...
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    Vegas storage??

    Hello from up north. I bought my car down in Vegas, and I was supposed to be going down next weekend to pick it up, but things didn't go according to plan. I am going to have to come back in July and pick it up now, but while I'm down next weekend I do need to get it out of the dealer...
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    Enclosed trailer rental?? Getting car from Vegas to AB?

    I'm having a bit of a dilema now. My buddy surprisingly told me he is getting married in Vegas in March. I wasn't planning to go pick up my car till June or so. But if I'm going to be down in Vegas before then I want to get the car while I'm there. I was going to go on and find...
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    New Edmonton member

    Been on the forums for awhile just doing my DD on the Viper, but just got my VCA membership about an hour ago. I've been wanting a Viper for 10 years now, but I kept settling for things that seemed cheaper and more practical. Most recent car I had was a 2006 Chrysler 300c SRT-8. It had a...
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    Help request in Vegas!!

    Hey everyone. I am ready to purchase a Viper and I've found exactly what I'm looking for in Las Vegas at a dealer. I'm located up in Alberta, Canada, so it's not too feasible for me to go down and check it out. The carfax came back good, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if a knowledgeable...
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    GTS blue vert, years??

    I have been searching google, and this forum. But I can't find much information on this. I just seen a GTS blue vert in person the other day, and I am sold on that color. But what years were they made?? Seems to be lots of blue coupes in 06, but the vert must have had a lot lower production...
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    Area specific forum??

    Just wondering how come I am not allowed to post in the forum for my respective geographical area(Canada west)??

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