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    dash piece - what is it worth?

    So...what are these pieces called...? Dash thingies...?:D I am about to put them for sale. Maybe someone wants to paint them to match their car. Does anyone know how much they go for new...? Thanks!
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    accurate weights on Gen III, Gen IV and coupe vs roadster

    I have searched but I seem to be getting different information in different places. Does someone have the ACCURATE information on the following: Weights of: 2003-2006 coupes 2003-2006 convertibles 2008+ coupes 2008+ convertibles 2008+ ACRs Thanks!
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    replacing air filter with a K&N or CAI K&N

    Has anyone here replaced their stock filter for a K&N (or other brand) or swapped the intake with the new CAI now being offered? (on a GEN 4) What are your thoughts/feedback? The claimed hp seems to be kind of high, but I am thinking if one has the mopar PCM installed and has headers/full...
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    price on stock coilover/shocks and exhaust GEN IV...??

    I have no need for my stock coilovers/shocks from my Gen IV...but have no idea how much have these gone for. I saw a couple of the classified section but both wre already sold. Does anyone know what a fair price would be. They have less than 100 miles...? EDIT: just realized that if you opened...
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    Oil Filter choices for Gen IV's

    What is everyone using on their Gen IVs? Thanks!
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    question about motons

    What exactly is the re-charge kit for? Are these only for track purposes or do you have to perform mantainence on them every so often...? They say there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I am totally aware this is probably pretty darn close - sorry, I am noob.
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    Anyone with blue and silver stripes (08-09's)? Interested in a bra...

    I know...slim chance. I have a brand new speed lingerie, never used, never installed, bra for my 08' SRTC. This is a color coded, color matched bra, so for obvious reasons, it would only work on blue cars with silver stripes (I am sure you could use it in other colors if you really want to...
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    To those selling your Vipers

    If you have a VERY clean example, free of flaws and in almost perfect condition (yes, I know almost everyone thinks their cars fit that criteria), and you are asking a premium price, just hang in there guys... Several months ago I put my 98 GTS for sale. Well, it finally sold. Like I said...
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    Will Gen III seats fit on a Gen II ?

    I did a little searching and could not find anything that would say either way. Would Gen III seats fit on a Gen II GTS? Thanks!!
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    playing with the idea of selling your car? Here is how NOT to do it

    Get a set of wheels...:D I am in love with the car again...for a few months anyway... I wish it would stop raining so that I can take some good pics... Bought these from a fellow VCA member...:headbang: Now someone needs to buy my stock chromees...:drive: Springs will be...
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    KC members - I have a set of chrome 18" GTS wheels available

    I have some new HRE's coming my way (yes they are black - whaddaya expect? :D ) - if anyone wants a good deal on some chrome 18" GenII wheels (I believe will also fit GenI?) let me know. These are wheels only (NO tires). They are in really, really good condition. I have them on the clasifieds...
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    Eibachs in for install - any tips/suggestions?

    I got the Eibachs in. I am going to go ahead and drop her like its hot... :D Anything that I should keep in mind before I do it? Any tips/suggestions that might save me a headache or two? Thanks in advance! :2tu:
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    Did Jerry move to London?

    Just when you thought you knew someone that was **** about their run into this.... VxrMarcs 3 month Nurburgring Detail... - Detailing World :omg::omg::omg::omg:
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    crazy it still hasn't sold!

    ViperClub Classifieds - 1998 Viper GTS / Red / 26k miles / immaculate - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds I have had this ad here for more than 2 weeks...nothing! I have had a lot of tire kickers but nothing serious...crazy.:dunno: Oh well...I just put her on autotrader so I am sure I am...
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    When you sell a car, have you ever had this happen to you...

    My rant... You try to list as much as possible, with as many photos as possible, with details, etc... 1. You always get someone that wants more photos. Sure thing. So you spend time going to get the camera, taking photos, loading them up, and you send them. Then nothing...not a single...
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    pics of the Big Worm...

    :omg: hehehehehe - she likes to stick her nose here and there :D
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    lowering springs: looking for before and after pics

    Does anyone have any photos of a car WITHOUT lowering springs and antoher picture of the SAME car AFTER installation? The gap on my 98 GTS is getting the best of me...I want to see how much a set of lowering springs can actually lower the car and see if I would be happy with it. Thanks!!
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    Review of a 98 GTS - after owning it about a month...

    Let me begin by saying that I am VERY happy with the car thus far. 1. The stock wheels are so freakin' heavy...I changed them to a set of CCW's and the car feels completely different already. 2. The car has hte TORQUE! :omg: :D - while it "may" not feel pretty quick, the speedo does not...
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    Major transformation to my 98' GTS snake...

    I bought the car about 2-3 weeks ago. So far, I have been really happy with it. HID's have been installed and now I want to drive with the headlights on all the time... :D One thing I noticed though was the ridiculous weight of the stock chrome wheels. While they look amazing on the car, I...
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    GENII - problems with pass.door - not shutting properly

    After becoming more and more familiar with the new Viper (new to me as this is a 98 GTS), more and more little flaws come afloat. I have noticed the passenger door has become difficult to shut. It seems that it needs to be adjusted as if I simply gently push it shut, it won't close properly -...
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    what could cause a difference in height from R side to L side?

    I just got doing the muffler delete on the car - thanks to everyone that shared photos on how to - LOVE THE SOUND!!! When trying to align the pipes, I had to look at the car from behing about 1,000 times. The pipes are perfectly aligned, however, I did notice that one side of the car 'seemed...
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    weight of stock 18" chrome wheels

    Does anyone know the weight of the front/rear stock 18" wheels? I believe they were available in 1999 through 02? I have searched in different places and here...nothing...thx!!:drive:
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    Long Shot -- wanted used SSR wheels (either on 17 or 18)

    Silver or black...preferibly with tires... Let me know - thanks!!:2tu:
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    question about weight on stock 01' GTS wheels

    My 98 GTS has the 01 CHROME wheels...they are HEAVY! Does anyone know how much do the stockers (in chrome) weigh? I am really thinking about upgrading to a much lighter set...I think the car will feel completely different. I always liked the SSR's but it seems EVERYONE is completely out of...
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    this crappy car I got...

    I bought it from a local owner...look at all this filth! Someone would think the previous owner never washed/cleaned the car....:omg::omg::omg: All kiddin' aside, this is probably the ONLY dirty things I encountered after looking at the car with a microscope. We ran into this when Kurt helped...

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